Life lessons from Kaiser

If you are wondering who Kaiser is – well he is about a year old Labrador retriever who was abandoned, rescued & finally adopted by me. I have always been a dog lover and as some of you can probably relate, the lessons in life, our pets can teach us is priceless.

Kaiser who is with me for less than a week, has taught me more than any book or person could teach me in a year. When we open ourselves to compassion, unconditional love and gratitude, the world around us changes for the good. I am sharing some of the lessons learnt through this week in particular and over the years with my previous pets –

Live for the day: The biggest lesson I have learnt from dogs, is that they live in the present & eventually have more enthusiasm, joy for life & most importantly less worry. I have seen over the years, that people who are unhappy and stuck in life are those who spend time regretting the past and worse, worrying about the future. Some things will not change & there is no use in trying to change it. Kaiser somehow has taught me that you need to accept things as they are and move on by letting go off the shackles.Even though he is in so much pain, it does not stop him from just living the day with so much of  Love & Gratitude.

Make everyday a gift: Over the last couple of days, I have observed that Kaiser makes everyday life so exciting. He is the first person I see, when I wake up early in the morning and he is overjoyed to see me. He shows his enthusiasms for the simple joys of everyday life. He is so excited to go for his walks and other small things, which we as humans forget by being sunk in our daily routine. I have realized, in this one week that everyday can be special for each one of us, when we take the time to look at small things and be happy that we are able to do it on a regular basis without batting an eyelid. If only we as humans do not take things for granted, then life for sure will be different.

Find the right balance: Kaiser needs his exercise, lots of warmth, love and a structured environment. I feel that, we as humans also need something similar. By working on a right balance, dogs do not focus on any particular situation and in the bargain do not neglect the most important areas of their life. I receive a lot of calls from people across the globe, who are way off the track and are spending far too much time on a particular situation, thereby forgetting that life is about maintaining the right balance.Once you begin to work towards creating the right balance,then lot more areas will fall in place.

Find your purpose: I have noticed that Kaiser has changed over the last couple of days, as he seems to have found a purpose and is trying to get there for sure. Even though he cannot express the same in words, I can see that he is trying to figure out his bigger purpose. When we take the time to discover our purpose in life, we feel more fulfilled and our life feels more meaningful. I remember working with a few clients who after realizing their purpose have progressed incredibly and never looked back since. Finding the purpose is the key, which will help us navigate through life’s surprises.

Over the last one year working as a full time “Life & Wellness Coach” without a pet, there was something which was not right. I realise now that having a dog beside you can make a world of difference. They are absolutely focused, non judgemental & faithful. Having a pet, has made a huge difference to me, over the years and more so, during the last week when Kaiser, came to me whilst he was going through a tough time. Over the years, I am sure he will teach me more, by just being himself. I am looking forward to learning a lot more from him. If you do have a pet or are a pet lover, do let me know how much of a difference it has made to your life.If you are looking at having a pet of your own, I would say “just go for it” as it makes a big difference for sure. I would love to hear from you as to how pets can make a difference in our lives,if we are ready to learn from them, on my Facebook Fan Page  or at mail id