Here Is How To Make 2018 Your Breakthrough Year

Raghu reached out to me couple of months back for Executive Coaching. He was heading the Technical Team in his company. His concern was that his team-mates were not showing much enthusiasm towards their job. I asked him the nature of their work. He said it was programming. They were a services firm. Hence, they had to report to a few MNC clients and work according to their requirements.

I then asked him how the Leadership Structure was in his team. He mentioned it was hierarchical and he was the main link between his firm and the client. He went on to explain the procedure in detail – status meetings, follow-ups, daily status updates and so on and so forth. By the time he completed explaining, it was clear that his team had very sharp deadlines and they could not afford to miss out on any one of the deadlines. The work was also extremely challenging.

I then asked him “What do you think is the reason for their dip in enthusiasm”? He replied, “It’s probably the work pressure!”

The next obvious question I asked him was “What do you do to motivate them?” His reply was shocking. “Where is the need to motivate them? They are getting paid for it. If they want to save their jobs, they must work hard! Moreover, there is no need to spend 15 -20 minutes of my time giving some motivational speech to a team who is involved in something technical like coding! They write code and each one of them are paid a good salary.

My next question was “Are they aware of their long-term goals?” His reply was “The hierarchy is the same for everyone to go up the ladder. They have to take up more and more responsibility to grow up the ladder – Engineer, Sr. Engineer, Team Leader etc.”

This is where the problem lies! People who write code for devices are not devices themselves. They need strong motivation, support and a clear idea of where they are heading. This gives them the much-needed boost of enthusiasm.

Regarding the 15-minute or so “motivational speech”, it does not mean you have to keep saying “You can do it!” They know very well that they can do it. It means making them understand how valuable their contribution is in the BIG PICTURE. Once, this is understood, they get motivated automatically. They will then start spending time to find out ways in which they can add more value to their work. Since their approach towards work is now extremely positive and they are emotionally stronger too, handling the technical part will not be a big deal for them.



The task of motivating employees in the right manner is not a choice but your responsibility! Do this and see how your team transforms! Now this was the discussion I did have with Raghu in my initial conversation and believe me Raghu did hit the ground running. The discussion we both had gave him an entirely different perspective of his own stand in the company and he stepped up his game of being a leader.

Raghu took some very proactive steps in ensuring that each of his first level managers were clear as to what the vision of the organization was and ensured that each one of them did the same to at least 2 levels below them. Once this was done then it was that much easier to drive the team towards their bigger vision. The dynamics of the team changed drastically and when I did speak to Raghu couple of days back he was more than certain to over achieve his quarterly goals.

You can read some of the thoughts of others Leaders shared on my profile

“His coaching pedagogy is backed with extensive research from the industry and makes it easy to relate for professionals across the spectrum. The perspective and context is easily identifiable with everyday challenges at work” – Srinivas Yelandur

“Satish is a very inclusive coach and trains through a participative approach. I would recommend his training for all those who are looking at moving up to the next level of leadership” – Vineeta Nair

“Satish created an environment of discussion and sharing. He introduced some very important life changing insights in a simple to relate fashion. Instead of teaching, he allowed us to reflect and relate to those insights” – Prasad Palla.

“Satish is completely dedicated, smart, realistic and it would take minutes for you to feel that you are completely comfortable speaking to someone like him. His suggestions don’t just work on a physical level but leaves an impact on you on a deep emotional level” – Madhuri Govindu.

Raghu is also taking this one step ahead with his team. We have planned a Strategic Intervention with his first level managers and his core team and doing a One day off site Strategic Intervention in the month of January 2018 to instill the company vision and create a clear RoadMap. Raghu is looking at the same team with a lot more creativity, enthusiasm and also with a different set of lenses.

Over the years I have noticed this with Sr leaders. Sometimes they would have got into a mind block and look at the situation through the same set of lenses. They will be focused on the shortcomings of the team rather than what can be done to break this pattern. Once they begin to look at the same situation through a different set of lenses then they do begin to see the bigger picture.

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