Make Enthusiasm your best buddy

I  have seen more than enough people in this journey over the years as a Life & Wellness Coach who stop pursuing their dreams due to a  lack of Enthusiasm. Even though this is a state of mind just like everything else, I see more and more people stumbling with regard to this obstacle more than any other.

Remember it is absolutely critical to be enthusiastic and focused on goals, be it personal or professional. In many cases these will be interlinked. I too was trapped in this exact predicament of not having the drive or enthusiasm to pursue some of my biggest goals and realized that  when you are cornered the only best option is to come out with all our guns blazing.

Detailed below are my learning’s through this journey of riding the Enthusiasm wave  –

Stop worrying: Well this is easier said than done. I am aware of this, but unless you make the conscious decision to stop worrying  you will not begin the process of working towards your biggest goals.  Remember that what is only a thought in your mind right now will begin to grow on your fears when you begin to focus on it.

When I was trying to overcome the habit of smoking many years ago,  I was worrying about the fact that I was going to fail & stopped trying. When I stopped trying, I did not realise then that I failed by default. Therefore stop pressing the default button in your own mind and begin to take the steps towards your goals by not worrying.

Take action: Worrying breeds more worry and the only way you can break this neural pathway in your own mind is to take action. Say you are worrying about facing up to your boss. Worrying more on this will eventually make you much worse. The smarter way would be to take some steps on a daily basis to help you move towards standing up to your boss. Once you overcome this in your mind, I will guarantee you that it is just a matter of time before you actually do it in reality.

As i say in my Coaching Call that “Everything does happen twice, First in the mind & then eventually in reality.So do the first part right and the second one will eventually follow.

Keep the fire growing: When I was travelling in some of the coldest parts of the world , I remember we had kept our  camp fire burning nonstop for more than 36 hours because it was the only source of heat for us. I remember vividly playing a major role by making sure enough wood was in place to keep it going.

In fact by the end of the 36 hours we had gathered more than enough to keep it going for another couple of days. The Same logic is what I have applied to my own journey as a Life & Wellness Coach – keep the fire growing by feeding it regularly.

Enthusiasm breeds progress: This is one of the most important lessons in life I have learnt over the last couple of years whilst working with my clients as their Personal Coach.Following up on the first couple of steps mentioned above  is bound to generate Enthusiasm in any individual and this is what magically helps you move towards your goals.

Once you like something you do not see it as an effort in doing the same things repeatedly.  you are operating at the sub conscious level and the changes are taking place at the deepest level which in the long run does impacts you positively.

Remember that these done repeatedly will eventually make you what you are and help you reach some of the biggest goals in your life. Once you make Enthusiasm your best buddy in this journey called life, then nothing will sound impossible because once you are driven from inside then small distractions and irritants will not derail you in the years to come.

Enthusiasm is something which always works from the inside out and hence in my book does have lot more role to play in each of our life.

As usual I would love to hear from you on what makes you enthusiastic in your own journey on my mail Id or at my Fan Page .Also if you do feel this Blog has impacted you, then take some time out & share it with your family & friends.