Membership rules for the “Super Achievers Club”

Who are super achievers and what do they do differently? Well working with some of the biggest super achievers in their respective fields, over the last couple of years, has thrown some amazing insights which I will detail in the next few paragraphs.

Working as a Life Coach has inadvertently given me some great opportunities in working with some amazing people. I have always believed that being great in any particular area is about a plan,  than about random action. If you are ready to take your life to the next level then read on as to where & how  one can begin this incredible journey –

Dedicated to a vision: Majority of the super achievers have a clear vision and know exactly where they intend to be in the near future. we all know that creating a vivid future at the sub conscious level makes one immensely focused and not give up, in spite of insurmountable obstacles.

More often than not I have noticed that super achievers  are absolutely dedicated to the vision and are stuck to the trajectory irrespective of any distractions.Somehow the blinders on the horse also works on the same principle.It always ensures that in this case, the horse always sees ahead and do not get distracted.

Intelligently persevere: Super-achievers intelligently persevere—meaning they know when to pivot. When faced with setbacks, instead of doggedly using the same tactics that aren’t working, they examine the problem and figure out what will work. I  remember working with a young entrepreneur who was more than ready to do odd jobs before actually stepping up to become the owner of an OEM to a fortune 500 Company.

Perseverance will pay in the long run and you will eventually create an opportunity to take a shot at your vision.

Manage Emotions: One important key trait I have seen with Super Achiever is that they have evolved in managing their own state and more importantly with people around them. This is one of the key aspects because the higher the “Emotional quotient” of an individual, the greater will be their tolerance level in the Journey called life.

Most of the super achievers do not cling on to Emotional patches in life,but quickly move on.This particular trait I believe, does tend to come naturally and not with too much of an effort.

Constantly Evolve: Evolving is the fundamental rules for new learning and adaption. Once a person takes the initiative to evolve then it is just a matter of time before one knocks on the door of  success regularly. Our environment rapidly changes around us sooner than later. If one is aware of the arena, it gives an individual an edge over the others. Somewhere I notice that many people reach here and begin to stagnate.

Work for the long haul: If one is looking at a short time success then he/she is sure to crash & burn as fast as one ascends.Working on developing patience, helps one make intelligent decisions and most importantly continue working on the larger vision, without looking at immediate rewards. Somewhere in the journey people tend to forget about the adage that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

When I read about some of the most successful people be it any area, the One thing I notice is that they tend to do things more consciously because they have most of the things I have mentioned above, ingrained at their subconscious level.

Working on this is a step by step process. It is not for only a lucky few but for each one of you who have come this far in my Blog article. If you are looking to join the super achievers club then do reach out to me for a “No obligation introductory call“where we can discuss about how we can begin this wonderful journey.

I guarantee you that you will tap into some of your most potent inner strengths, which you never realized  you had.

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