My Journey on the path to an elusive Flat Mid Section

Is a flat Midsection an elusive dream for you? Well worry not, I was at the same cross roads a couple of years ago.  If I look back now and go through my journey, there are more mistakes than the number of right things i can recollect . If you are looking at the Number 1 body part which people across Cultures and  Geographies aspire for, it is a flat midsection.

The feeling that one gets when one walks around with a flat belly is according to me best experienced by thyself. Somehow the Fat deposits under the Stomach Muscles are more dangerous than in any other body part for the simple reason that it has been proved to be the number One reason for the Top three Life threatening diseases.

Therefore working on this should be the priority of most people not only from a visual standpoint, but from your own health aspect.

Over the years working with  my Clients who have got some amazing results in this area, has convinced me that Getting rid of the belly fat is simpler than each one of you think. With a right, hands on approach it is that much more easier if you get the basics right and dedicate some time towards it. Some of the most effective strategies in my own experience are –

Eat smart: In my own experience the number one reason for most of the people to pile on belly fat is due to mindless eating.The key is to eat healthy every 2-3 hours from the time you wake up and ideally the last meal of the day should be at least a couple of hours before you hit the snooze button.

The Thumb rule is eat healthy by eating simple foods, rich in healthy fats & by including more Low-Glycemic-Index Foods. Do check my Face Book Fan Page  & subscribe for my updates where I include these key updates on a regular basis. Now all this does not have to be drastic and changed in a day, but gradually in a step by step approach. Once you begin to focus on eating more home cooked food then most of the things will fall in place.

Drink 3-4 cups of Green Tea: Green Tea without added sugar is one of the simplest of the drinks  anyone can inculcate, if you put your mind to it. The benefits of green tea are many. It helps you increase your metabolism and aids in burning the fat in the mid section. it plays this vital role due to a concoction of antioxidants in the tea. I always advise my clients to include something to eat(ideally some fruit) when they consume some green tea during the day.

Stick to a regular sleep cycle: Another key area which I was guilty of at one point of time was, an irregular sleep pattern. If getting to a flat mid section is the key, then you need to be disciplined in the amount of time you log in sleeping,every day of the week .I personally feel that anything from 6-8 hours of good sleep is the key and this includes the weekend also. I see most of the people compromise in this area which plays havoc in so many other critical aspects of their life.

Be Active: I have realized that so many people have a mind block for exercise and hence I have developed my own unique style of staying fit. it is by Leverage exercises as a part of your Lifestyle. What this does is tailor your workout to an established aspect of your life. For so many of my own clients I have worked with, A regular exercise pattern is almost impossible due to their unique lifestyle.

Therefore working on being active is the easiest thing one can do to ensure that there is optimum calorie burn. For some standing and working for couple of hours might do the trick and for the others it might be walking a couple of floors during the day.  See what works for you and make it a habit. Without some kind of physical exertion it is next to impossible to burn those additional calories..

What I have mentioned above has been extremely effective with my clients through the years. All of you do know now  that Knocking of the belly Fat is not a herculean task but through this Blog I hope that you have realized that it is a simple step by step approach which I will guarantee you, that you will enjoy and cherish for the rest of your life.

In case you or someone who you care about, needs the assistance of a Wellness Coach,who can guarantee some amazing results, then share my website or my Face book Fan page I hope A new Journey will begin from there for many for whom Wellness was only a mirage.