My journey through the Introvert highway

Being an introvert is not a shortcoming as long as you know when to switch modes, when it comes to making an impression with people.If you are the kind of person who believes that the business world is not for shy folks, but for people who are more outgoing then read on. I will try and detail how I changed my own mode from being an introvert previously.

Recently, I was invited to a CIO level gathering, with some of the best business minds in the industry. Even though I have been doing seminars over the years, something of this magnitude at a very short notice bought out the best in me. For people who know me as an introvert(which I still am) the seminar was a pleasant change.

However this journey of switching modes had began quite a while ago and for those of you in the same predicament in your respective journey, you can begin as detailed below –

Spend some time introspecting:  Spending some time alone and dwelling from the inside out, will give you a bird’s eye view in terms of which area you need to focus. When I began doing this, one of the key aspects for me was to move on to the next level and position myself as a “Keynote speaker” in a business forum, where some of the biggest names from the industry would congregating.

Introspection gave me a clear roadmap for moving ahead and the comfort zone that I had to move away from.Just like with most of the challenges we have the best solutions within each one of us.The challenge is to figure out a way to reach for it.

Identity what you need to change: Once you focus on what you need to change, then it is time to to work on changing your image. The best way would be to just show up, create and grab opportunities to be in the midst of an audience.Once you get to know as to what is holding you back, then it is easier to unchain yourself.

Even though I had worked over the years on sharpening my public speaking skills, my performance was no way to close to being excellent. However, mind you excellence will come only through doing things repeatedly.The first step as always is identifying it.

Build your team of influencers: No man is an Island, was something that I had always heard, but to reach out to people was a mind block.Remember there will always be people in your circle, who will do more than required to help you in your respective journey. The only thing you need to do is ask.

Have you not heard the famous saying “Ask and you shall be given” . Remember anyone can become your biggest influencer and the more you have the better it will be for you, in this journey called life.

Make the most of Social networks:Can  you fathom that I was not present on any social media platforms just a couple of years ago.Now I regularly update at least 3-4 social media sites on a daily basis. This approach is the easiest which an introvert can take and let others get to know about his/her persona.

Developing a good online presence, also helps you as an individual achieve high visibility, which might be difficult to gain in person. However do ensure that you follow online etiquette and do not cross the line at any cost. Once people see you as too noisy on social media platforms, they tend to ignore you.

Moving away from being an Introvert is a journey that needs to be savoured, rather than completed in a hurry. See what suits you and work on the same. Even though it has been a couple of years that I am on my own, taking charge of this one factor has made a huge difference in my life as a Solopreneur.

If I had been stuck in the road of Introvert then am sure I would not have come so far ahead in this amazing journey of mine.

As always I would love to hear from you on your own thoughts about being an introvert and if it is stopping you from getting to your destination either on my mail id or at my FaceBook fan page.