Be Optimistic to create opportunities

Optimistic people are most of the time forward looking and anticipate that things will go well later today, tomorrow or in the months or years to come.

According to me this is one of the most critical aspects for one to be successful. It is a skill, which can be learnt by conditioning the mind to look at situations through lenses of hope & optimism.You can begin to work on the same by working on the specific things mentioned   below –

Look at all Setbacks as temporary:

How you look at temporary setbacks is what reinforces your belief structure. We are creatures of habit & when you work towards conditioning the mind to not blame yourself or the environment, you will begin the journey of creating the neural pathways of optimism.

This is nothing but giving our sub conscious mind a new reference point for it to take reference. Your internal & external language, will play a key role in creating the images inside your head & it is prudent to work on the same.

Acceptance is the best stand:

When you begin to spend too energy & time in changing something which can’t be changed, it will more often than not leave you disillusioned and bitter. Step back & look at the situation more objectively. If you feel it in your gut that it is something which is better off left unchanged, then it is time to move on.

I come across too many people fighting to change things, which are not worth the effort at the end of the day.Accept it & move on in life.You will do  yourself a big favour & probably thank me for this one advice in the years to come.

Reduce the impact & don’t take it personally:

What I do mean by reducing the impact is that if you can look at a particular situation not going your way due to a specific reason, you are looking at making it less impactful. You will begin to lessen the emotional baggage & not take personal responsibility. When you make it personal & generalise the situation you are more often than not beating yourself to failure.

This thought process is bound to reinforce your belief structure and sooner than later it will begin to affect the other areas of your life.I see this more common in relationship issues.When i work with client & make them reduce the intensity, it is far more easier for them to move in the right direction.

Visualize a positive outcome:

Are you aware that your mind cannot make out what is real & what is imagined? Well it is one the biggest secrets of the mind which according to me can be made to work to your advantage.  The Sub conscious which is our operating system is communicated best through images.

Somehow just picturing things going smoothly, is more often than not enough to help you relax & think optimistically. Take some time, preferably at the start & at the end of the day to vividly envision a positive outcome of the situation. Do read my previous blog on visualisation to work on this aspect much better.

Over the years working with people who find it hard to condition their mind to be optimistic,has convinced me that each one of us can work on improving our own Optimism quotient. Even if you are good, I will guarantee you that you will not complain if it increases by a few notches by working on the steps explained by me.

As always I would love to hear from you on what is stopping you from being more optimistic in your journey? Do you think the points mentioned by me are practical & doable?

You can reach out to me through my mail Id, my Facebook Fan page and twitter account. I look forward to connecting with you to help you in this journey of  building  your optimism muscle.