Overcome Emotional Roller coasters

We have all experienced moments of being spaced out, remorseful, happy & exuberant. However when these moments happen regularly and begin to control one’s life, then you are going through an Emotional Roller coaster.

Working with people over the years, has given me the knowledge that our Cognitive function depends on numerous “physical systems” running smoothly. Impairment in this area, is bound to derail you in the penthouse. Working with people who go through this more often than not, has give me an insight as to how to work with focus and discipline to do a complete turnaround. Some of the areas you can focus on to begin with are –

Focus on your diet:

A nutrient rich diet is the core of long term vitality, both at the physical & Emotional level. More than anything, nutrient affect’s every system in the body and more so the brain. Of all the factors that influence one’s Emotions, diet plays the most crucial role.

Focus on consuming more of greens, legumes and healthy fats, which improve the cognitive functions of the brain. This in turn inadvertently influences your Emotions positively.

Detox from Oxidative Stress:

Oxidative stress is most common nowadays, with people suffering from this, even more than the common cold. This is primarily caused by unstable molecules, which are also called free radicals. Latest research has proved that free radicals fuel inflammation and cause some serious cell damage.

The only effective way of negating this is to pack in enough antioxidants, by consuming dark, green and nutrient rich fruits and vegetables.

Improve oxygen utilization in the brain:

Oxygen with the right food, creates energy in the system. Our brain, as all of you know is the most power hungry of all the organs as there are more mitochondria in the brain cells. Therefore it is critical, to enhance the oxygen utilization in the brain. The most effective way to do this is through regular exercise.

Mind you, the exercise can be both aerobic and anaerobic and both have their positives. Regular exercise,while helping to combat free radicals can also offer important support for cognitive capacity, vital energy and overall health.

Manage stress:

According to me, Stress is the number one reason for people slipping up in their Emotional area. This is mainly, due to the increase in the levels of Cortisol’s and glucose imbalance. The easiest way, to manage stress is by Meditation and deep breathing.Do refer my previous Blogs on this topic. I will highly recommend each one of you to begin, at the earliest.

The breathing that is so essential to these disciplines, increases oxygen throughout the body which in turn increases energy. Socializing (not on the internet) with friends in person and sharing some good quality time with people is bound to do you a world of good. This will help, increase the feel good factor which will positively impact both your physical & mental health.

Regular Exercise:

In my personal opinion, one of the main reasons for most stressed out individuals, to go through the Emotional yo-yo is their inability to get more oxygen & nutrients to the brain. One of the main reason I see this when I interact with people in the “Wellness Seminars”  is their sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating and erratic sleeping patterns.

Regular exercise also increases the neural connections throughout your body, balances hormones, and supports numerous other aspects of health. Studies now show that one of the most important things you can do for your brain, is to get up and move around—go for regular walks, take bike rides or even get out in nature.

If you find yourself stuck in a mental fog – go out and exercise and notice the clarity you feel afterwards.

I hope that you have gleaned a good insight, as to what to do if you are going through an Emotional Roller coaster. As always, I would love to hear from you on my mail coach@satishrao.in or on my Face Book  Fan page with your thoughts.If you have found the thoughts useful,then do share this among st your friends and family.