How to Overcome Negative Mindset And Come Out Triumphant

1If you’re like most people, you too would have been affected by the myriad of negative thoughts and energies that bombard us at different times of the day. Even though certain kinds of negative thoughts and emotions can help keep you grounded and in-tune with the reality, they also have a fine way of biting you in the back.

What matters is… how you handle the negative thoughts, emotions and energy that bombard you. That’s what will determine the overall quality of your life – whether it be your relationships, health or financial life.

Almost every one of us hopes that each day turns out to be positive, filled with excitement, gratitude and joy. And this is because positivity affects our productivity. Our ability to produce quality work or do anything of value is directly proportional to how positive we feel about ourselves and the environment around us.

However as you go through your day, negative thoughts and emotions could bombard you and affect your focus. And this is where managing your thoughts and emotions is crucial. You have to learn how to channelize them so they make your life more fulfilling.

With that said, here are 3 tips to help you channelize your negative thoughts and emotions…

Fear Of Failure…

One of the main things I’ve noticed among both men and women is that they have a fear of failure. Fear of failure usually comes from past experience and has been built on over a period of time. This makes them feel fearful of everything they are doing… their immediate future, long-term future and everything else.

The fear makes them hesitate, procrastinate and stay indecisive. They already know that not doing anything about it is actually dragging them and pulling them down… but they are not able to because of an unexplained fear that paralyzes them.

The easiest and the most practical thing to do would be to step back and look at the situation objectively. Look at the situation through a different set of eyes and you will soon realise that your fear was imaginary and it has more to do with nervousness than anything else.

Make sure that you think about past situations or experiences where you successfully overcame your fear of failure and use that as a reference point for your mind to lean on and to learn from. This is called positive mental reinforcement and it is one of the most powerful tools to creating change in your life and behaviour.

Feeling of Inadequacy…

Another thing that causes us to have all kinds of negative thoughts and emotions is our feeling of inadequacy. We all feel inadequate somewhere. We feel that we won’t measure up to the task somewhere.

We feel that we’re not good enough for that beautiful girl or handsome man and stop ourselves from grabbing our opportunities. You may also feel that you are ill prepared for the challenge at hand.

Fortunately, this problem is something that can be easily overcome. Your sense of inadequacy, like everyone else’s, stems from a lack of skills, experience, and strategies in an area where you’d like to be successful.

One of the best things you can do in such a situation is to make a direct and firm commitment to yourself that you are going to work on developing your skills in this area until you master them completely. You could read books, go to seminars or find a role model or mentor who can guide you along.

Negativity caused by stress…

Almost each and every one of us have extraordinary demands and expectations that really push us to our limits in terms of time and energy. It’s very likely that you are stretched for time and are constantly being pushed to do more with less.

Regardless of how you feel about it, you’ve got only 24 hours a day to get things done, keep yourself healthy and happy at the same time. And not being able to handle all of this is a major cause of stress.

If you can get a finger on the pulse and prioritize your activities so you focus on what’s important and critical followed by what’s urgent and then the non-critical tasks, in no time at all, you will turn into a super effective person.

When you begin to prioritize, you’ll naturally find yourself focussing on the essential 20% of your work that gives 80% of your results.

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