Overcome the Success roadblocks for the year ahead.

With the New Year round the corner I am sure most of you are working towards making the next twelve months the most successful. However if you are aware of the trap doors, you will be in a better position to manoeuvre around them.

I have detailed below, what each one of you can focus on going forward in this journey. This will give you a heads up before making any plans for the future.

Fear of failure:

This according to me is the first obstacle one needs to overcome to succeed in life. In my journey as a Life Coach I have also seen people who have an absurd fear of success. What really matters when it comes to becoming a success is not having the idea, but having the courage to transform that idea into reality.

All of us have seen talented people around us who have perished due to their inability to overcome the fear factor. Fear plays on your confidence and eventually eats into your belief structure, which can be catastrophic towards your success.The only person who can help you overcome the fear factor is yourself & do not waste any more time on getting to this.


Being passionate towards my calling made me give up a flashy career, with a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month. If you are not passionate towards your true calling, I will guarantee you that sooner or later you will encounter inevitable obstacles which will trip you down.

You will not have the energy to get up and begin again. I have observed incredibly passionate people in different fields and if you see them closely, you can see the passion in their eyes. No wonder the eyes are called the mirrors of the souls.

Work towards making your passion, a physical characteristic of your personality. Many a day what keeps me going, is the passion to work with people, in helping them transform their lives.

Self Discipline:

Working towards being self disciplined is what  keeps one absolutely focused towards the goals. If you are not disciplined, then sooner or later you are bound to be distracted and in no time this will derail all the hard work put through the years.

There is no set of rules to work on this, but if you channelize your emotions in the right direction, you will be more disciplined in the area you are focusing on. Eventually at the end of the day it is less painful to live the life of being absolutely disciplined than regretting what you could have been.

Working on being disciplined will also bring in a sense of purpose which in the long run can be the difference.


Being a person of integrity will eventually get you closer to success, when you begin to walk the talk. True success comes when you are a person of your word, when you have a pure conscience and when you have not cheated others on your way to the top.

In the dog eat world, what separates the wheat from the chaff is integrity. Being a man or a woman of integrity might make you lose out on immediate accomplishment, but you will stand out as a person with an aura around you which people can sense a mile away.

Being Gracious:

No man or a woman is an island. We all need a support structure around us to reach our destination. It is easy to miss out on the people, on whose support one has built his/her foundation.

When your vision becomes a reality, you are still a failure if you cannot remember, your humble beginnings or recognize the contributions of those,who helped you along the way. If you can’t experience gratitude, you might as well have stayed exactly where you started.

An attitude of gratitude is key trait which will not only help you climb the mountain but also stay there.Missing out on this has made many a people fall down in double quick time.

These are the things I have been working on over the years and in my opinion are what can make a person truly successful. I would love to hear from each one of you, on how you intend to work on the coming year on my mail id Coach@satishrao.in or at my Facebook Fan Page.

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