Do Other People Really Like You? Is There Any Way To Make Other People Like You?

Let’s face it… each and every one of us only wants to work with people we enjoy being around. Nobody wants to be around or work with someone with undesirable traits regardless of how good or talented they are. Some of the most successful Leaders/entrepreneurs thrive because other people really enjoy being around and working with them.

If you’re extremely likable, you’ll be able to attract new clients and retain long-standing relationships with people who matter the most with minimal effort.

… And this is a skill that needs to be worked on. Anyone who ignores it is setting themselves up for failure. It’s important that you transform yourself in such a way that people desire to hang out with you.

With that said, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to find out whether you’re really likeable…

Are You Empathetic?

Almost all strong and enduring relationships are built on a strong foundation of empathy. It’s a life skill that one needs to cultivate over a period of time and it requires patience, practice and self-awareness.

Empathy is your ability to connect with others verbally and nonverbally when they communicate with you. You need to literally put yourself in their shoes and truly look at things from their world-view.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to study a situation from another person’s world view quickly. It’s something that takes practice. You need to be willing to shut your thoughts for a minute and look at things from the needs and wants of the other person.

And that’s one of the places where I truly excel, especially when it comes to working with Entrepreneurs. My personal experience of building and running a successful business allows me to understand their unique challenges, frustrations and helps me connect with them in a better way.

The only way to improve your ability to empathize is to listen more, react less and stop being judgemental.

Do You Possess Integrity?

There are many people in this world who are smart and capable but very few of them take the time to cultivate integrity. Those who do invest in cultivating this quality are paid back in huge dividends.

When you’re about to build relationships with other people – whether it’s professional or personal, integrity is very important. Integrity is your ability to offer the best of yourself to any cause, to keep your word and to walk the walk and talk the talk always.

If empathy was the foundation in cultivating a strong, enduring relationship, integrity is the building block that gives you tremendous returns.

Are You Reliable and Dependable?

In addition to integrity, reliability and dependability is essential in order to get anyone to work with you. People are always looking to be and deal with people who are accountable, consistent and reliable.

Reliability is more than walking the walk and talking the talk. It’s about doing your job well and always ensuring that the other person truly gets what they want.

And in order for you to be reliable, you have to have the empathy to understand what they want and the integrity to carry out the actions that will help them get what they want.

Reliability is ensuring that the other person truly gets what they want. Reliability comes from consistency and it has to be cultivated over a period of time.

Having these 3 traits mastered is critical to your success. This is what will get more and more people (those in powerful and successful positions) to want to be with you.

But you can’t develop these qualities overnight. Think about them now consciously and then find out what steps you can take to develop empathy, integrity and reliability and start doing those things.

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