Predict Your Future by creating it.

Without a bright future in sight, most people get disillusioned and negative. Well there is always a better response and that is to create your future.Which tribe, do you think you belong to?Read on to find out more.

When we get sucked into life’s vortex, it is next to impossible to see with clarity and come out unscathed. It requires a great deal of Emotional strength & maturity to see through it & walk in the right direction. One of the first casualties of this, is most likely our confidence and belief.

As a Life Coach when I begin work with people, this is the area I start with. Given below are a few pointers on how you can start –

Overcome the fear of unknown:

More often than not the fear of not knowing what is across the bend, makes all of us complacent in moving towards our future. Work on changing your internal dialogue. Consciously think of all the things you are thinking might go wrong and replace it with anything which can help you regain your confidence.

Using the right words & images internally, can magically help us overcome the fear of the unknown which if left unattended,could quickly spiral out of control.

Expand your mind:

Humans are creatures of habits. I come across many people who have stopped thinking big, due to changed circumstances over time. What this does is that it makes you see, most of the things around you in a myopic vision.

When you begin to work on expanding your thoughts, you are more than certain to break the barrier. Visualization plays a critical role in getting you there.Expansion thinking is more of a habit than chance.

Comfort lies in familiar:

Just as we get comfortable in doing Dis empowering things, we can also condition ourselves to do empowering things. Surprisingly our mind begins to latch on to it if you can work on it repeatedly. Therefore repeated action which helps you move towards your future creates the neural pathways which you can build on.

In my experience over the years as a Life & Wellness Coach I have seen that when things begin to go in the right direction in one particular area it is bound to rub on to other equally important areas in one’s life.

Focus on what you do want:

Be as specific as possible with your goals, when it comes to creating your future. If it is a financial target you are looking at then be very specific with the figures and timelines. If health goals are what you are working on, then be as specific.

The simple reason is that specificity brings in clarity & focus in the mind. This is one of the reasons, that I spend so much time with my clients when they are working on their goals. When you are not precise as to what you want, then it is easy to be disillusioned in the mind. This will have a ripple effect in most other areas of your life.

It is certain that each one of you can create your future, work towards it scientifically and live it like how I am living in the future. I created this present for myself a couple of years ago. The steps I have touched upon are what I have walked on myself.

Nothing can make me happier, when I go back and get to know that an old client of mine, is living the life they had once envisioned by following some of the steps mentioned above, through Life Coaching Sessions.

As always I would love to hear from you as to what is stopping you from creating your future. Do take the time out to reach out to me through my mail Id or even on my Face Book Fan Page

If you can, kindly share this among-st your friends & family.Would appreciate it.