Proven Strategies To Help Eliminate Unhealthy Habits And Create New Healthy Habits

Are you someone who’s stubbornly sticking onto an unhealthy habit even though you know it’s catastrophic in the long run?

Do you feel the need and desire to stop the habit but haven’t been able to do so?

If yes, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Almost every one of us tends to operate in this manner.

Over a period of time, we get comfortable with our unhealthy habits and they become a part of our daily routine. Eventually, it becomes ingrained at the subconscious level.

Once that happens, you can’t fight it consciously. The more you try to fight it at the conscious level, the more cognitive dissonance happens between the conscious and subconscious.

And in a battle between the conscious and the subconscious, the subconscious is the one that wins always.

So if you’re looking to get rid of your unhealthy habits – whether it is substance abuse, smoking, snacking on junk food, sleeping late, etc. – you can’t fight it at the conscious level.

You need to work on it at the subconscious level – That’s the only way you will be able to eliminate any unhealthy habit no matter how worse it is.

How do you accomplish that? Here are a few proven strategies that have worked for me and my clients…

Decide What Those Unhealthy Habits Are:

As with everything else, the first step for you is to identify what these unhealthy habits are. You have to decide on one negative habit that is disastrously affecting the quality of your life – just one.

You may have multiple destructive habits – but you can’t get rid of all at once. You have to do it one after another.

So think about it and become aware. Which habit do you think has the greatest negative impact on your life right now?

Write that down.

Replace It With A Healthy Habit:

Once a habit is ingrained at the subconscious level, it’s very difficult to let go off because of the neural pathways that are created.

These neural pathways will continue to pull you back even if you don’t desire to engage in the behaviour consciously.

So if you’re looking to eliminate a negative habit, one of the best things you can do is to replace it with a positive, healthy habit.

The key is to pick a healthy habit that will help refrain or discourage engagement of the negative habit.

Let’s say that you have an unhealthy habit of eating junk food with your friends. It wouldn’t be right to decline your friend’s invitation.

In such a case, the right thing to do would be to eat a healthy fruit or vegetable before you hang out with your friends so when time comes for eating junk, you’ll eat less.

There’s no direct way to tell which habit would be ideal for you. Different things work for different people.

The key is to find a better way to satisfy the urges that you used to satisfy with the bad habit. But always make sure that you’re replacing the negative habit with a positive one.

Never try to beat a negative habit on its own. It will come back to bite you, where it hurts.

Use Visualization To Make Things Happen Faster:

Creating new neural pathways of a positive, healthy habit is the fastest way to eliminate the negative habit. And visualization is one thing that helps you accomplish that.

Your mind cannot make out between what is envisioned and what is real.

So if you condition the mind by visualizing the things you’ve always wanted to do while refraining from all kinds of destructive habits, you will ingrain the habit further into your subconscious and new neural pathways will be created.

Overtime, these new positive, healthy habits would become second nature to you and you’ll have no problem sticking to them.

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