Re-work your relation with Food

Do you struggle to be in control with what you eat? Well most people tend to stray when it comes to unhealthy eating.

What causes the most damage, when it comes to your wellbeing is when you begin to associate just about anything and everything with food. When you lean on to food either when you are sad or happy it tends to become a habit.

If any of this sounds familiar in your life, then you can begin to work towards it by taking the following steps –

Maintain A Journal

The easiest & simplest habit you can inculcate is to log in what you eat on a daily basis. Believe me, you will be surprised when you look back and notice that you have been eating mindlessly most of the time.

The effect of logging in food which you know, you are not supposed to eat “conditions you” to eat logically the next time. Remember food needs to be consumed as fuel & nothing else.

It is supposed to make you absolutely healthy and not the other way round.

Work On Your Food Addiction

One of the most common of the malaises I come across, with people is that they are more often than not addicted to the wrong kind of food. Some of them are either addicted to sugar or red meat.

When I see the eating pattern of some of my clients, most slip up in this area. One of the simplest ways to work on your addictions is to replace any of the food you are addicted to with a healthy alternative.

If you can’t find one reach out to me & I will be more than happy to suggest a few.

Plan Ahead To Eat Healthy

When you plan ahead, you are more often than not choosing success. The same logic holds good, when it comes to planning ahead with your food habits. I remember carrying 3-4 meals, with me when I used to leave home early in the morning.

Planning & carrying your own food will more often than not allow you to stay focused and disciplined. When you look back and see yourself doing this, you will be pretty proud of yourself.

All of us know that we need to eat less to sustain ourselves in the long run, but somehow we tend to ignore this, overdo on eating & suffer both emotionally & physically. Look at food as one of the means to reach your health goals.

By following the above mentioned action points you will be on the way to a healthy relationship with the food around you.

As always I would love to hear from you on your biggest challenges when it comes to slipping up in the food & beverages section.

If you are guilty of emotional binging and its causing havoc to your food patterns then, its high time to work on your emotions parallel to your diet plan.

You can explore and work on this factor by accessing our product which we have exclusively designed to help people like you.

Emotion Management

People surrounding us can also influence our food patterns. If you are constantly associated with a team which doesn’t pay heed to healthy eating and want to do something about it, do reach out to us.

We can help your team through a group intervention.

Strategic Intervention

If you are wondering what’s the link between this blog, emotion management and helping a team, well unhealthy eating patterns are dictated more by emotions more than anything else. When you work together as a team, it does become easier to work on this challenge.