The Most Remarkable 3 Step Guide To Making Your Professional And Personal Progress Fail-Proof

Are you struggling to make progress in your personal or professional life?

Do you find yourself failing more often than you expect with respect to your goals and objectives?

Many people fail to make progress on their goals and objectives not because they lack the abilities required to achieve them, but rather because they are overwhelmed.

They find themselves overwhelmed with dozens of different goals and objectives that they set on themselves. In addition to their own goals, society (work peers, family, etc.) also unfairly expects them to do various things and meet various goals.

All of this leads to further overwhelm and most people lose hope even before they start. If that’s the case with you, don’t despair.

Over the years, I’ve been studying plenty of successful people and have tried to identify what separates them from the rest.

And one thing I’ve noticed in common is that successful people only work on a few goals at a time… which is completely different from what ordinary people do.

Ordinary people usually fall into 3 categories:

–          They do not have any goals at all

–          They have goals but they are so small that it doesn’t excite them (and they don’t even believe they can achieve it)

–          They have too many lofty goals and expectations which leads to overwhelm and they give up right away

The most successful people don’t let their emotions get in the way. They don’t set dozens of different goals for themselves and let it overwhelm them. They only work with a few goals at a time.

If you’re really serious about making progress in your personal or professional life, I strongly recommend that you pick one goal, work on it until you accomplish it and then pick another goal. That’s the key to building a more successful personality.

With that said, here are 3 steps you can take to make your personal and professional progress fail-proof…

Prioritize your goals:

If you have more than one goal that you want to accomplish, I strongly recommend that you begin by prioritizing your goals instead of casting them away. Keep the goals with you, but prioritize them in order of importance.

Depending on your present life situation, identify what’s important to you. When you prioritize and begin working on your most important goals, your energy levels increase, confidence improves and you develop a clear road map in your head for your life.

From that point, there’s really nothing that can stop you. So sit down for a minute, list out your goals and think about 1 goal which when achieved would make all the difference in the world.

Make a plan for that goal and begin working on it right away.

Work On Only One Goal At A Time:

Multi-Tasking has become the norm in our corporate culture of today. Most people think that people with multi-tasking skill are actually productive. This is a myth. Take a look at this article – The Myth of Multi-Tasking 

Just like how we use multitasking to accomplish our tasks, it’s also quite easy to do the same with our goals. Many of us try to work on multiple goals at the same time.

The problem with such a method is that when you trip on even one of your goals, it’s easy to lose motivation and give up on all your other goals.

But when you’re working on one goal and end up tripping on the way, it’s easier to get yourself back on track. Working on too many goals at the same time can be insurmountable and make you struggle and fail all the way through.

Therefore, make sure that you’re only focussed on one goal at a time (ideally one for every quarter). Course correction is easier when we falter on one thing, rather than many at the same time.

Daily Progress Is The Key:

Would you like to know the #1 secret to accomplishing all kinds of ultra-challenging, big goals in your life?

The secret to achieving any goal (even the most impossible of goals) is to break the goal down in such a way that you can make progress on it one day at a time. Break your goal down into a series of small steps that you can take on a day to day basis.

When you work on your goals on a day to day basis, you develop momentum. Initially, you won’t see any significant results. But as you develop momentum (after a month or two), you end up making progress on your goals rapidly.

Making progress in your life personally or professionally is a step by step process and working with a “Life Coach” who is non-judgemental, empowering and a true professional can help make your progress rapid.

If you’ve been struggling to progress in your personal or professional life, don’t worry. I’m here for you.  Just go here to sign up for a strategy session with me:

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We can create an empowering road map for your most important goals and I will help you overcome all kinds of limiting beliefs that prevent you from truly creating the life you want.

Yours Sincerely,

Satish Rao

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