Remarkable Leadership – Leading With Trust And Integrity

Have you ever done any of the following?

  • Said the wrong things at the wrong time
  • Misjudged a situation
  • Did not keep your promises
  • Lied to people

If yes, you’re not alone. Almost every single person puts their foot in the mouth at some point in their lives.

What matters is how you navigate yourself through such situations.

And this is where humility and honesty can help significantly.

Your humility and honesty can prevent unnecessary confrontation, save time and build trust.

And if you want to be a remarkable leader, you need to build trust and lead with integrity.

Integrity and trust is not an attitude that you can adopt on the outside (like putting up a fake smile to please your customer).

It’s a character trait that develops from the inside out. This means you have to first work on yourself internally and then externally.

Here are a few keys to develop the integrity and trust you need to be a remarkable leader…

No One Expects You To Know Everything:

A true leader understands and realizes that he doesn’t know everything. He also thinks the same of his subordinates as well.

Therefore, he is willing to look out and approach people who can bring in the expertise he needs.

When you approach situations in your work with this lens, you’ll begin to gain leverage.

And leverage is one of the most important things to business or career’s success.

A successful manager leverages the skills of his team members to achieve project goals. This helps him rise to higher positions faster.

A successful entrepreneur leverages the skills of the entire organization to move the company in the right direction.

This helps him take a business from a turnover of 1 crore to 10 crore and more in a short period of time.

Learn to Admit Your Mistakes:

When you’re in charge of high profile responsibilities, it’s extremely easy to get carried away.

Everybody commits mistakes… but some people at the top refuse to acknowledge their mistakes due to their ego.

… And then there are also others who don’t even know they made a mistake. They just blame it on their subordinates or something external.

And that’s where a True Leader stands out.

A true leader owns up to the mistakes he makes. This helps free up his guilt and allows him to manage himself better.

This has a tremendous effect on your team members as well.

When they realize that you take responsibility for your mistakes, they’ll do the same as well.

And if you have a team that owns up to their mistakes and corrects them proactively, there’s no doubt that you are a Great Leader.

Be Honest With Your Intentions:

If you want your communications with your team and other people to be effective, you have to be honest in your intentions.

Be clear about what it is you want to have accomplished and keep that intention clear in your head.

When your intentions aren’t clear or 100% honest, people can pick it up. They may not able to do so consciously but unconsciously they’ll pick up your intention.

And if your intention isn’t 100% honest, your progress will definitely be delayed.

Like John C. Maxwell once said, “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.”

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