Here Is How To Reset The Clock Of Aging

Every now and then when I interact with New Gen Entrepreneurs or Corporate Executives  one thing is certain that most are lot less healthy than the previous generations.

Being fit affects how you look, the way you move and eventually your ability to do whatever and whenever you want.

Being healthy is bound to improve the quality of your life and it does not matter how young or old you are right now, you can begin to design your wellness route map to move better, avoid injury and yes feel Younger by following some of these or all the steps.

Reverse the Aging Process at the Genetic level:

Are you aware that strength training can help you reverse the aging process at the genetic level? “You can actually train your tissues to behave the way they did when you were younger. The maximum work does happen at the telomere, which is crucial in how our genetic makeup does function.

Another biggest takeaway is that resistance training helps in preserving muscles mass that we typically lose as we age. With these two takeaways it is worth the effort in Gold, to spend some time through the week in the gym or even at home lifting some weights.

Exercise Your Brain:

Are you aware that the more physical activity you tend to do, activates the part of the brain which otherwise will never be used. The biggest takeaway from physical activity according to me is that it does engage the brain and helps in better coordination and strengthening the neural pathways.

Some of the physical activities you can include like Zumba,Squash,Badminton etc … which activates the reaction, direction and memorizing area of the brain. Pick and choose any activity which engages the part of the brain more to keep it engaged.

Cardiovascular Exercise Energises You:  

If you have experienced a runner’s high then you should be aware what I am talking about. Doing regular cardio improves the mitochondrial function (energy producing activity)  of the cells. This according to me is the key when it comes to being active and full of energy for both men and women.

If time is a major constraint for you, then look at interval training which does give the same benefits but in half the time. However the fitness level needs to be at a different level if you are contemplating this route.

Antioxidant Rich Food should be the Norm:

What I do see with most of the people is that they hardly make an effort to eat healthy. Even though fast food is the norm, there is many an option which most do ignore in a group setting.

The least one can do to increase their Antioxidant intake is to have fresh fruits and vegetables along with couple of cups of green tea during the day.

The Antioxidant neutralises the free radicals which does play havoc in the system along with high stress level.

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