Abhinav Thakur

Being the leader in my company there are always hundreds of things which needs my attention. This is where working with Satish as a CEO Coach proved to be a game-changer for me. Satish does brings in decades of learning while working with CEO level executives. He is pragmatic and practical when it comes to understanding the challenges one faces day in and day out at the CEO level. Two heads are always better than one and it cannot be more apt when it comes to working with a Professional CEO coach. My regular interaction with Satish did give me some great insights on how a CEO can look at the same situation with an entirely different perspective. I would highly recommend Satish as a CEO coach. If you are someone right at the top of any organization, then it is imperative that you work with a Professional Coach who is non-judgmental and non-biased. Even though it can be lonely at the top, you can navigate through any curve balls life does throw at you when you have a Professional CEO Coach to bounce off the ideas.