Ajay Santosh

If you are living a life in which you have a constant feeling, that you are missing something and you are more than actually right, then it’s time to sign up with Satish Rao’s personal life coaching program.

Trust me; I was a person, who lost something called ‘FOCUS’ in my life. I didn’t know what I wanted. I was living a routine life, which ended daily with emptiness. I tried reading books, watching motivational speeches, movies and what not. But, they didn’t help.

Just like you, after searching for a guide online, I came across Satish’s website. Initially, I thought he was yet another motivational speaker and enrolled his program because he had worked out a money back guarantee clause. But, after first four weeks of intense coaching, something remarkable happened. I was not feeling emptiness anymore. I truly realized I had changed in lot many ways and my day ended with satisfaction.On scrutinizing, I found that my feelings had changed, because my activities had changed. Now, that’s because of Satish Rao’s Coaching sessions. Thanks to him. After his personal life coaching program, I changed as a person and I’m motivated to face each and every day in my life and they are not routine anymore.

I found, what I wanted and he helped me through the process to attain it. Now, I’m pursuing my post-graduation in Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. I’m obliged to him for changing the way I lived my life so far. “Thank you! Satish”