Guruprasad T S Rao

In the age of instant wisdom, buzzwords and ‘the fast and furious’, Satish Rao and his team stand out as a shining example of a team that imparts management and leadership lessons in a grounded and no-frills way. Satish is a master of the coaching craft, his recounting of his own experiences is done with disarming simplicity and absolute humility. If you are of the kind that consumes and uses management jargon all the time, then I strongly recommend de-toxing with Satish. He exhorts you to ‘get back to the basics’, bring discipline into your thinking, and offers practical, real-world solutions to complex leadership challenges.

Satish is a behavioral expert who constantly looks at the ‘human’ element within every dimension, both personal and professional. At ‘High Performance Alchemy’, he makes a solid pitch for performance with empathy, accomplishment with sensitivity, and relating with empathy. I have had the wonderful opportunity of attending his ‘master class’ on high performance, and can emphatically assert that I came away enriched and humbled. He excels in ‘engaging’ his participants fully and with awareness. He speaks less and makes you think and speak more – which, to me, is a rare skill in today’s high-jinks world where speakers simply can’t stop speaking once they get to the mic.

Satish is no stranger to deep management thinking and can easily hold forth on Drucker and Tony Schwartz, but consciously chooses to get across to his audience without the drama of grand articulation. This makes his messages all the more valuable and effective. If you are a budding manager or leader and struggling to get workable strategies that can elevate you to the next level, look no farther than Satish and his team. He will instill in you the timeless value of ‘people first’ and ‘skills next’ in a powerful way. Best Wishes! Satish, you guys are rockstars!