Jumana Parveen

I couldn’t find a better time for me to pen down few words about Satish – The Author, The Speaker, The Life and Executive Coach. Upon researching many coaches locally available in Bangalore , it was Satish’s 30 min of discovery session that gave me the instinct that I am signing him as my coach. His genuine, honest interest in my successful outcome, along with clarity of his coaching approach made him work wonders with my goals. In our 8 weeks of engagement, I was looking forward to my conversation with him, as he inspired me each week to keep a track on my goals. He gave me all the tools I needed , which made me begin to see the patterns where I need attention to. I started journaling my progress. What I noticed about him was his own life journey where he followed his heart to dive into a career which is completely new , because of how he envisioned himself to be living at his very best. This helped him extend his undivided attention to his clients, who secretly held such standards of life for their future. As a corporate professional myself, who always had respect for leaders who lead by example , Satish is one who exactly who came across to me as a leader of his own life. Satish, I wish you good luck and am glad we are now part of the same tribe investing in continuous personal growth to touch more and more lives. Thank you for kicking off this purposeful existence for me!