Kirat Dhillon

“I was introduced to Satish by a colleague, who’s life I had seen drastically change in the last 18 months.Seeing his transformational change I was prompted to reach out to Satish. I stood at an important crossroads my professional life. Satish helped me survey my own landscape. I found it helpful to talk with someone who understood my roadblocks & dilemmas and who could, in a positive & supportive way, help me find my path. He listens carefully and goes to the very essence of what one is trying to accomplish. His ability to bring out the best in all his mentees is what makes him truly remarkable. He encourages you to take risks, pose questions that really make you think, and provide an atmosphere of support- helping you to shine a light on what paths you most want to travel. I witnessed my confidence and determination strengthen. Thank You Satish- I don’t know where this new path will take me, what I do know is that I owe this experience to you. Had you not supported/guided me – I wouldn’t have tried. “