Krishna Rao

Like most of his clients, I reached out to Satish when I was in really desperate need of help. I remember the day I called him, when I was totally wrecked. What helped me was his simple approach to recovery, which was what I was looking for then. His method of coaching, although really simple, was quite straight-forward, and the empathy he brought on to our discussions was commendable. They’ve had a profound effect on how my recovery shaped up over the last few years since I’ve known him. He brings in a great combination of coach and friend to the conversations, which always helps if you are looking to rediscover yourself. My heartfelt thanks to Satish for his time and support. I wish him lots of success in his endeavors and hope he continues to coach many more in need of recovery and in need of a coach to speak with and sort out their priorities. I recommend him wholeheartedly and wish him many years of successful coaching engagements.