Madhur Bomb

Unlike a traditional counselor, Satish brings to the table his coaching hat. Satish opened my eyes to an entirely new world of possibility; each session gave me loads of awareness and peace, he kept me moving in the direction of finding a life I never thought possible. Satish is a great listener, he allows you to talk through your professional goals and aspirations then challenges you to break through to what you really want. Every session with Satish has provided me with an “aha” moment of how I can take concrete steps to change the status quo.

He is patient, intuitive and wise beyond his years, he is someone who listens deeply and observes, then illuminates what lies beneath the surface that can hold us back or move us forward.

Most importantly, he helped me understand not only how I would get to where I wanted to be, but why I wanted to go there. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking for something more out of their life.