Madhuri Govindu

Satish and I got connected when I sought some personal/professional assistance from him. If you are looking for someone who can not only be a good therapist or counselor or a life coach, but someone who can genuinely think act, guide you in the right direction , then be rest assured, you have just met the right person. Satish is completely dedicated, smart, realistic and it would take minutes for you to feel that you are completely comfortable speaking to someone like him. His suggestions don’t just work on a physical level but leaves an impact on you on a deep emotional level. He would be there to remind you of the crucial things you tend to forget and get you back on the right track. He is a no nonsense yet caring coach , I must admit. Satish – Thanks for helping me overcome a lot of myths and for being my bundle of inspiration as always. I am falling short of words now, but If you want to bring some small changes in life which will eventually transform your life in the long run, Satish can help you achieve this. God bless you Satish.