Manu Rao

Satish Rao is an extremely proactive and effective Life Coach. He draws the confidence of people around and helps them come to terms with their challenges, and overcome them eventually. He has been writing regularly in the “Times Of India” and his personal Blog does hold a wealth of information.

Satish Rao is a much-needed tower of strength that people in need can lean on. Today there is a very much a need of professional Life Coaches like Satish who can inspire and encourage people to lead a inspiring and productive life.

Satish has very simple steps towards excellence. He delights in the success of his clients and works hard with them to get them there. A disciplined and committed man himself, Satish leads by example. He sets the pace for others and runs along to help them reach the finish line, correcting their course all along.

He believes in making excellence a way of life and stands as a light-house for all those lost in the sea of uncertainty, confusion and lethargy. Satish is a much-needed talent pool that the nation can use to build many useful men & woman of character.