Sambit Routray

Every one of us have immense potential and a fascinating fact is that most of our potential remain unexplored or unlocked. Sometimes, we are so engrossed in our daily routine life that we seem to forget what possibilities one can en-cash upon, just by a simple act of altering one’s view about the way we lead our lives.Life is never complicated; it is we who tend to complicate things. What we are now, is a result of our actions in the past, but, the moment we realize that what we do hereon will shape our future – this itself is Enlightenment. It would not be justice by penning down what role Satish has played in my life, but, I would try my best…. Satish, with his vast experience and fantabulous approach towards identifying key issues and ignoring the ones that really do not matter, helps you discover your true self, your true goals and a constant source of motivation to empower you to just go for it.My pillar of strength, a friend for life, Satish has registered himself as an irreplaceable part of my life.