Satheesh Balasubramanian

I got connected with Satish through Linkedin. I found his posts on Linkedin thought provoking and touching our everyday lives. So I decided to engage with him on a series of coaching sessions. I found the coaching sessions to be very stimulative and beneficial. In the very first session, Satish and I mutually aligned on the topics we were going to work together. Satish then helped identify small steps that when repeated regularly would help me achieve the goals I had in mind. The key here is that he didn’t really push me into doing anything impractical. He was clear that it was the small steps actually lead you to succeed on bigger goals. He then regularly reviewed progress and made sure I was moving in the right direction. Having worked with Satish closely, I feel confident and equipped to meet my long term goals. I strongly recommend Satish to anyone who would like to have a professional coach. I wish Satish the very best!