Sunil Ghiya

Working with Satish Rao as my Executive Coach over the last couple of months has given me some deep insights on my own Leadership Skills, which I can enhance going forward. His personal Intervention has changed my own perceptive of Senior Leadership and how much more one can do by working from the inside out. His weekly sessions did help me to easily identify the challenges any Senior Leader would face in the corporate world and he nudged me in the right direction with simple but very effective techniques. Also attending Satish in person One-day workshop “High Performance Alchemy Masterclass” did wonders for me and I see myself going forward performing to my potential in the Senior Leadership role. The valuable lessons are certain to help me move in the right direction soon.

Attending his highly interactive workshop High Performance Alchemy Masterclass on 6th August in Bangalore was a life changing experience for me. This was a highly interactive session with free flow of real life experience with other Senior Industry Leaders and his punch lines gave me some deep insights for me to become a High Performing Leader going forward. The Tripod principle of working on one’s Self belief, Focus and Emotions has left a deep impact and opened limitless opportunities for my professional and personal growth. Satish, you are an amazing Executive and Life Coach.