When my coaching session was over, I couldn’t remember the kind of person I was before. Even if I wanted to go back to my old habits, I was unable to.

The change, which I went through, was magical. I couldn’t believe I have done it. I feel I should have gone through the coaching session a long time ago, if I knew it would change my life to such an extent.

I have started to believe in myself and my abilities a lot more. Today I am able to value my uniqueness and be responsible for it.The changes were subtle in the beginning. But, the last three weeks were unbelievable. I feel like a whole new person.

Satish said, “this is vishaka version 2.0”. I most certainly feel like that today. During these weeks I got out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I was surprisingly truthful to myself. Also, I valued my choices.

The sessions made me a lot clearer about my potential and myself. The lifestyle changes I made have helped me a lot. I have begun to respect and love myself more. All the small quotes Satish used to put up on Facebook fan page for me, helped me a lot. It kept me connected to my goals.
I am bit of a talker and Satish was so patient with me. I am very happy there was always someone listening. Thank you so much for everything.