Vishwanath Ramdas

I got the opportunity to attend the High Performance Alchemy Masterclass. Satish Rao The lead coach who runs these sessions, has crafted a very well structured 1 day workshop where managers and leaders who are at the inflexion points in their career towards taking up senior roles. Satish and his team walk the audience through some critical aspects of the chimesitry of high performance in corporate work-spaces and also as individuals. The Team walked us through understanding the Inner Game and Outer Game, with wonderful analogies like the TRIPOD Principle, how Energy changes during the day and the week in a work time frame and being able to

Focus on the right outcomes towards achieving High Performance. Satish is very strong at facilitation and bringing about diverse view points from the participants making it a great learning exercise for all attendees I highly recommend the Alchemy workshops for all managers, leaders who are at the verge of taking up senior leadership management roles in their careers Wish Satish and his team all the best