Here Is How To Rewire Your Brain For Success

How successful you are often depends on your emotional state. The emotional state is directly connected to the state of your mind. So, if you are someone looking at success outside you, then you are trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Stop looking outside yourself and begin to look inwards. How you condition your mind for success is what will eventually matter.

If you are always stressed out and exposed to negative self-talk then, remember that you are setting yourself up for failure big time. The negative emotional state which stress triggers literally cripples the area of your brain function which is needed the most for you to succeed.

However, all is not lost. If you are someone who has got into this pattern and are not able to break through this pattern then, you are in the right place. By working on your emotions and changing your emotional state you can reverse this process and work towards expanding your emotional state to flourish in all your future endeavors. This is gold because the most recent research has proven that business and people who run this business begin to flourish and thrive when the people involved are emotionally positive.

Rewiring your brain for success is not that complicated if one does know the exact way to do this. Are you aware that the brain can begin the process of rewiring in 4-6 weeks and what was once an surmountable task will become a walk in the park? Keeping this process simple and easy works best.

How Are Your Emotions Conditioned?

Most of the individuals store their memory as an image or a video. When you want to remember something, you are replaying the specific image or video and reliving the incident. This depends on the impact of the incident. If it is very impactful, then the image/video is very vivid. If it is not then, the image/video is not that vivid.

One of the most effective ways to work on these emotions is to work on editing the bad memories to remove the negative feelings associated with those incidents/memories.

What Will This Mean To You?

Remember that your attitude and your own behavior which plays a critical role in you being successful are heavily influenced by your memories. For example, if you have failed miserably in something before then you are most likely avoiding taking any risks even though some of them might be smart risks.

Similarly, if you have faced success in the recent past then you are bound to be influenced and more likely take actions to build on the success. Once you know these key areas then it is easy to

1.      Work on your bad memories so that they will not be a stumbling block

2.      Reinforce your good memories so that they can and will propel you forward to do more and get more.

How Do You Work On Your Bad Memories?

If having an argument with your boss is a bad memory and is troubling you, then just bring that memory of the incident to your mind, then imagine it getting smaller and smaller and moving away from you. Push it away from you and make it look hazy.

The moment you do this, the impact of the incident is drastically reduced.

Let’s say you goofed up an important presentation and this memory is stinging you. Do the activity of bringing back the memory and now, see the people in the presentation like your favorite cartoon characters and have a good laugh at it. The moment you change the memory for something lighter then the sting reduces drastically and you will not be impacted by it anymore. What you have done here is that you have rewired your brain.

How Do You Work On Rewiring Your Good Memories?

Working on good memories is much easier since you are already doing it and you need to do better to bring out the best. You do the same thing as above but in reverse. You recall the memory as vividly as you can. See it very close to you and make the incident bright and see it in Ultra HD and increase the wonderful feelings associated with it.

Do this couple of times and the more you work on this, the more it triggers the feel-good part of the brain and drives you to do more.

I have been using these powerful techniques over the years with my Clients and it has worked wonderfully for each one of them.

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