Rewire Your Mind & Erase Negative Thoughts

Being negative is a choice rather than a chance for most people. Being negative can be extremely detrimental to one’s life. Over the years, I have seen that having a negative approach to life will create more problems and influence one  to make decisions that draw more difficulty into one’s life.

If your attitude is negative more often than not, step back and see how you feel at the emotional & the physical level. Working on overcoming a negative mindset is not something that happens overnight.

However with a step by step approach and working at the conscious & subconscious level, it is more than possible to turn the tide around. If you feel it is perhaps time for some change in this particular area,then you can begin with the following pointers –

Work on your thoughts:

Our negativity is a product of our thoughts. Learning to re-frame them is the best thing you can do. Like nipping a problem in the bud, is the best solution, the same holds good for a negative thought. The moment the thought originates be aware of it and work towards re-framing it.

Pick on a prevalent negative thought which is creating havoc in your mind and begin to work on it. Instead of why it can’t work,  begin to look at ways where you can make it work. Remember the more you work on re-framing a negative thought, the easier it will become to overcome it. In fact over a period of time it does tend to become a habit.

Work on your own language: 

Our language is what drives our emotions & thoughts. Be aware of the words you are consistently using and work towards re-framing or replacing any negative words or statements, used by you on a consistent basis. Pick on small things and do not try to overhaul the complete system in one day.

Pick on a couple of negative words/statements that you might be using and have good empowering alternate ones in hand. This will get better with practice. Choose one or two things about your day that feel good to you and talk about those. Pretty soon you will find yourself focusing on the positive aspects of a situation to shift your mind away from the negative.

This is an excellent approach to create new neural pathways in your mind towards developing empowering habits.

Channelize your negative energy: 

When I talk about this aspect with some of my clients, they are a little taken aback in terms of how one can & should channelize negative energy. Well it is as simple as redirecting any kind of energy. You just need to give it a new direction and it will build & grow from there.

Entertaining negative thoughts about yourself or people around you, lowers your energy level to a large extent. Instead of focusing on energy drainers, focus on something positive or more productive. Over a period of time you will begin to see more of this in them and also in yourself.

Conditioning your mind to see the positives will completely alter your vision going forward.This will have a powerful impact when you do begin to build your future.

Teach yourself to think & act differently: The best teacher for each one of us  is our own  mistakes. Do not shy away from learning from it. These learnings will help in rewiring your mind whilst working on your biggest disempowering negative thoughts.

By being positive, you will be more open minded and not draw undesirable events into your life. You will find that more opportunities will be created. People & circumstances around you will magically fall into place when you begin to recondition yourself with the simple steps mentioned above.

I hope you could relate to my thoughts through this blog article. If you have found some kind of positive takeaways, do feel free to share this with your family & friends. I am a strong believer that good things need to be shared and when you change somebody’s life they in turn will change your own.I have seen this in close range & know for the fact that it does work magically.

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