Riding an Emotional Wave Is More than Just Willpower

Do you struggle to regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts & think positively irrespective of your circumstances? Well then it is time to focus on your Emotional nerve, which helps one to gain clarity & focus in life.

Working on developing your Emotional endurance is a journey in which one needs hard work, commitment, time & energy. Once you work on this, you will be better prepared to manage life’s obstacles in a better frame of mind. It will eventually make you, that much stronger to take on more in the years to come.

Working with people like you, over the years has made me believe that it is prudent for each one of us to work on our emotional endurance to prepare for life’s inevitable obstacles.  You can get started by –

Know your values & beliefs: 

Our beliefs & values make our world. If you think you can or cannot you are right. When it comes to working with my clients, I begin to understand their belief & value systems. I am more than certain that these are built over the years and one’s past plays a significant role.

Once you know your beliefs and values, you can begin the journey of modifying them which eventually going forward will completely alter your life. As a Life Coach, I play a significant role in working as a catalyst in reframing the rules. Remember that all these are ingrained, in the operating system which is our sub conscious mind.

Focus on what you can control:

In my journey, I have seen people focusing on what is not going right to what can be right. If you focus on something which you cannot do much about, you will be drained out of precious energy in no time and will end up with hardly any energy for productive actions. Before you can realise, this will become your go to action and eventually start affecting other areas of your life.

The easiest thing to do is to be conscious about this and replace any negative thoughts with an empowering positive thought. It will be difficult initially, but the more you practise doing this, it will become that much easier.

Be realistic in your approach:

Many people except to change overnight, which is foolhardy. It takes time to rework the neural pathways, to break old ways of thinking. By realising that you are in acceptance of your shortcomings, you are setting yourself up for developing a can do attitude which is the key.

This   requires you to become acutely aware of your emotions, so that you can make the best choice about how to respond. Eventually it is all about accepting your feelings, without being controlled by them.

Practise Reflection:

Replaying your day through the mind’s eye will give you  some deep insights on your behaviour. Work towards making Self reflection a daily part of your routine and focus on your progress. If you dwell deeply, you are more than certain to pick on new learning’s which will eventually help you carve out additional pathways for your mind to move on, going forward.

Working on your thoughts is a work in progress. Habits develop by doing the same things again & again. In no time, this will reinforce your ability to reach your destination while living within the gambit of your values & beliefs.

To Ride an Emotional surge is not impossible but knowing what & when to do the things will make it easy and most importantly put you in control rather than the other way around. There is no “One glove fits all” solution out there unfortunately.

The best thing to see if you are game to “Ride your Emotional wave” is to reach out to me and fix up a No obligation Strategy session where we can see if we can ride together to help you overcome your Emotional challenges. I would love to hear from you as usual on my mail Id  coach@satishrao.in  or on my Face book Fan page