Are you sabotaging your Immune system?

We are as fit as our immune system. If you are falling sick way too often and realize that you are not as energetic & peppy as you were, you need to work on your immune system.

I was under the weather a couple of days ago & before I realized I was sick, I was back on my feet. Well I am not saying this to impress you, but for someone who was walking the unhealthy road few years ago, I can proudly say that by changing my lifestyle I have managed to improve my own immune system over the years.

Our immune system is a critical aspect of our defense mechanism & if there is a compromise with this, you are opening the doors for years of ill health.  There are a couple of areas where you can focus on to begin with –

Your diet is Unbalanced:

I come across people who end up eating more Carbs and in the process pile on weight. This compromises on their nutrients. Ideally the average diet needs to be balanced with Protein/Carbs & good fats.

Once any one of this tends to become more than required, it is sure to affect your immune system. Focus more on healthy fats & complex carbs which have anti-inflammatory properties, that help regulate your immune system.

You are immobile most of the day:

One of the mistakes I come across in people is that they spend majority of their time @ work or home, planted to the chair or the couch. Now this has become more of a habit and being immobile for a long time slows down your metabolic rate.

This in turn causes your body to absorb immunity-boosting nutrients at a much slower rate than normal. Over time, this plays havoc with decreasing your immune system.

Your sleep is not regulated:

With such a fast paced life that we are living & with all the distractions it is natural that most do not focus on the sleep cycle. Remember it is a regular consistent sleep of 7-8 hours which plays a critical role in improving your immune system.

It is during this time that our body produces hormones, which play a crucial role as a first line of defense. With consistency the “circadian rhythm” is maintained to help it work with clockwise precision.

You are constantly on the Edge:

Indians being predominantly low in the “Emotional Quotient” are prone to internalizing stress, which can play havoc with your immune system. Exposure to chronic stress, leads to an increase in cortisol levels which if left unregulated, can play around in compromising your immune system.

This is the one factor I have seen contributing to so many people falling sick very often. There is no one way of managing this,except through positive steps in your lifestyle.

Exercise & meditation are the best Antidotes for reducing Cortisol levels in your body. Popping in pills and other short cuts are never a long term solution.

With so much Environmental damage around us, we are already suffering at the cellular level. By not focusing on the above mentioned points you are sure to add on to the damage already suffered.

Before it tends to slip out of hand, I strongly advise each one of you to take it on yourself to do whatever is in your control to rework your immune system. What is life when you reach the top of the mountain & realize that you have paid a very heavy price.

Eventually you might end up not savoring the fruits of your labor.

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