Simple strategies to flip around your Life completely.

Working with a substantial number of people, over the years, in helping them change their lives has made me absolutely certain that there are clear strategies one can do to improve. These are – think more positively, be more focused and most importantly be in absolute control of your emotions. Well if you are surprised, like a few of them, then I can try and make it as simple as possible. To begin with –

Make your Environment Optimistic: Work towards making your immediate environment more optimistic and you can eventually condition your mind to act optimistically. A small shift in exposing our sub conscious mind towards being optimistic has helped many of my own clients be more optimistic. Some of them have worked on innovative ways towards being optimistic and I’m sure each one of you can figure out something, if you are keen on changing your own life.

Compliment others: The Easiest habit to inculcate,according to me is to compliment others, be it their dress sense or even something as small as their positive outlook or actions. Even though we do come across many opportunities everyday in our life, we do not take a second to stop and compliment others. I have worked on this diligently over the years and it has made a huge difference in my life. What happens when we make the effort to compliment others is that, we are training our own brain to see the good in people & the world in particular. Over a period of time this habit will lead you to eventually see the good in yourself and this is the biggest takeaway.

Identify Emotional Triggers: Humans are as we all know are creatures of habits. By working on what triggers the Emotional rollercoaster within us, we can work around it and be prepared. I always make it a point to spend considerable amount of time with my clients when I work with them as their Life Coach to identify the triggers. I then help them be less emotionally reactive and more tuned in to the present. If you need to work on this alone, daily introspection will help in a big way.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation: Meditation has opened so many doors of mine and of my clients at the sub conscious level. By investing just ten minutes a day One can completely get the control of the operating system within each one of us. Do refer my previous Blogs on Meditation and you will be on the way towards Mastery of your own mind in no time. I always advocate doing this first thing in the morning. However this is not a rule and one can do it at any time of the day when it suits you.

Visualize and express Gratitude: Visualization is nothing but seeing the things you want to happen in the exact way you would want it to unfold. By Practising visualization you are conditioning your own mind to work towards the reality. Remember your mind does not make out the difference between what is real and visualized. It just processes the information. Another important factor which comes very close to conditioning your mind along with meditation & visualization is showing Gratitude. Somewhere people have stopped showing this side of the human face. I believe that taking time everyday to show some gratitude to others will go a big way in conditioning your own mind in seeing the good in others and eventually in yourself.

I come across many people in my professional career as a Life & Wellness Coach who feel that they have absolutely no control of their Life. Life for them seems to pass away in a blink of an eye without any opportunities. However each of the steps I have discussed above is very much in your control and grasp. I have seen that by making it simple and uncomplicated, some of the biggest changes appear. Some of them say it is magic but that is why I believe that Life Coaching is very effective and Life altering. I am sure you will have plenty of thoughts on this Blog of mine. It would be great to hear from you on my Face Book Fan Page  or at my email id