Simple strategies to overcome your worst health vices

What I have observed over the years with people is that most of them look at a rigid set of rules to turn into a new leaf. Remember that  being healthy at the emotional and physical level is achieved by working on small changes which are doable and practical. Small meaningful changes are what get you the desired results than something more radical. What is it that one can do to overcome our biggest vices?  What  one can do to  begin from today rather than wait for Christmas is given below –

 Skipping Meals:

I come across many who consider skipping meals especially, breakfast as a weight loss solution. However  in reality it is one of the major reasons for weight gain.  By skipping meals you will ensure that you  slow down your metabolism and emotionally you will begin to crave for more food. The net result is that you will tend to consume more food/calories than you would have if you weren’t so famished in the first place. I always advocate and follow regular eating,  by ensuring that I always have healthy options around me when I want to eat. The trick is to never allow your body to move into the hunger zone by which time your emotional muscle will give way to unhealthy foods.

Short-changing on sleep:

I personally believe that 7-8 hours of sleep is as critical as a good eating habit and regular exercise. What I have noticed in many people is that they try to fit in too many things in their day and end up compromising on their sleep. For most an hour or two of watching television is a must, which does more harm than good. Our body heals emotionally and physically when we shut down without any distractions. Work on ensuring a well deserved sleep of 7-8 hours by working towards it. The positive effects will be noticed in no time.

Sinful snacking:

Most of my clients are surprised when they realize that a small nibble at the office desk or while watching the Television will add up to an overload of Trans fat and calories. As a society we have moved on to a unhealthy trend of having food which is convenient. what i advocate is that even fresh fruits and vegetables are also fast food and one  needs to recondition the mind into thinking that way. Once you align your thoughts then I am sure you will begin to look at healthier options. Work on small changes to discourage you from eating  unhealthy foods.

Nip the sweet tooth in the bud:

I observe that we are consuming far too much sugar than required and recent research points to this, as the top most reason for most of the non-communicable diseases. I personally  feel that sugar does play a big role in our emotions and weakens our EQ. I too, at one time, had succumbed to the sugar deluge but over the years have overcome the urge to consume sugar in my food. A far better alternative to sugary food would be fruit which is healthy and will also take care of your sweet cravings. Begin small on overcoming this and in no time, you will you enjoy the real taste of food without sugar masking it.

Slacking on exercise:

This is most important especially when I see young adults succumbing to life threatening diseases mainly due to not investing some time everyday in doing some kind of exercise. It beats me when people invest on materialistic things and go all out to ensure that their family’s future is secure at least financially. However  when it comes to their own health they have no inclination in even spending 30 minutes every day for exercise. This, over a long period of time is the most important investment one can do for oneself and family. Work on small changes to turn things around.

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