Simple truth about exercise

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good not only from a physical standpoint but also from an emotional level. However somewhere in the journey called life, we tend to ignore this. Are you guilty of walking the same path ? Well read on to How to avoid falling into this common trap and losing the battle in the mind.

The biggest takeaway for anyone who is disciplined and successful in the gym, will be your life outside it.Working on a long term exercise regimen will bring out the best in you just like it has helped me tap into some my biggest strengths.

Most of the people I come across have big plans in terms of supplements, equipments in gym, instructors and other trivial things, which are not the most  important. Focus on the simple concepts given below and in no time you will begin to see some amazing results.

Commit for the long term: Some of the biggest decisions you make are always for the long term. One should look at exercise as a long term habit, for a positive change in your lifestyle. I always advocate that short term goals will give rise to short spurts of motivation.

However when you expand your vision and see how you would like to take control of your health, in the long term the view drastically changes. Also when you commit to being consistent over the long-term, you end up seeing remarkable results in the short-term.This helps you supplement the vision.

Schedule this in your day: When we know what exactly we need to do, then the commitment level increases many folds. Setting a schedule for your workouts will help you get more organised and help you work your way around it. I have seen so many people in the gym over the years who miss a couple of workouts and are never seen again.

Let’s face it, emergencies come to all of us but with a proper schedule, you can comfortably sail through.

I always ensure that my evening post 1800 hrs is scheduled for my workouts and rarely fit in anything, else unless it is important. However I have scheduled only 4 days in a week for my workouts and have been consistent, because I know i am not over committing. Somewhere down the line I feel that your schedule should govern your actions & not the other way around.

Aim for slow progress: Most of the people get stuck in this one area more than any other.They look for immediate progress and feel that losing weight or building muscle is a couple of days of work in the gym. Well you can’t be more wrong than this.

It requires a sustained effort, over a period of time. There will always be a time where your body gets adjusted to your workouts and will stop progressing. It is imperative that you focus on slow progress and not get derailed on the way. See what suits you and begin small. There is an immense magic in small actions which will add up to massive changes.

Maintain a record: Keeping a journal is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that you can always go back and find clues for your improvement. It need not be an elaborate affair. It could be  just a simple spreadsheet, which will do the job of keeping you on top of things.

If required you can always share it with someone, who can give you a honest opinion. I will be glad to look at some of your journals & updates if you have one. Do reach out to me and I will see if you are on the right track to the best of my ability. The biggest takeaway from this simple exercise is that what gets measured gets managed.

Working on these simple strategies will not require each one of you to change your lifestyle completely. It needs a shift from the inside, which will eventually make you do the things you always wanted.Once you begin to work on these points you will be astonished with the results you will be see. Will look forward to hearing from you on my mail Id  or at my Face book Fan page .