Sleep is the foundation of strong and healthy living

 I come across many people, who think that they can get away with about 4-5 hours of sleep, live life aggressively and make the best use of their limited  time. If you are walking this tight rope, then it’s time to rework your belief system.

Most people do not know the significance of a sound sleep. They do not understand the effect it has on their body composition, Productivity & most importantly their “Emotional Well being”.When I touch upon this aspect with most people as a Wellness Coach, I see that, this area of their life is most of the time wayward. Some of the ways to improve are –

Quality is as important as Quantity:

What I mean by quality is that when people are internalizing stress, they tend to have a pattern of disturbed sleep. Over the years, some have developed the habit of dwelling over past issues or  sleeping with their smart phones and the mind is always looking for any updates, which might happen for them to respond.

Therefore focus on the quality, where at the most you get about a couple of hours of deep sleep. It is during this time that most of the work happens at the Subconscious level & also some of the biggest change does take place.

Follow a pattern:

When it comes to sleep I am a big believer that one needs to follow the same pattern through the week. The reason is a no brain er. Your sleep timing plays a critical role in managing your circadian rhythms and the body’s internal clock. This is vital for your well being.

I have seen dramatic changes with my clients over the years, who develop positive neural pathways when they began to work on this one factor alone. It is much easier to alter your socializing lifestyle, compared to the downside risks associated with poor sleep habits.

Unwire before sleeping:

Well with so much of technology in our lives, it is common to see people spending more time on Electronic gadgets. This not only makes one exposed to bright light, but also in certain cases feeds a lot of “Negativity” into the mind.

Both are the worst things, that derail one’s sleep pattern and cycle. The easiest thing to do is to have a half an hour window of self time  to begin with. Spend time either reading a book(not a E-book), listening to music or just writing down the positives for the day.

Your food intake is important:

One of the cardinal mistakes most people do is to have a heavy dinner. This may be for a reason, but the most common one I come across with people is that, dinner time is the only time they are relaxed and get to spend quality time with family.

The body shuts down late in the evening and so does our metabolism. With hardly any physical activity, there is a deficit in the calorie burn which ends up as additional baggage. Look at having a light dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping and in no time you will notice the difference.

Your overall well being is more or less understood from your sleep pattern. The more we know about the important role it plays in shaping our lives, the more vital it becomes. If you have still major issues working on your sleep pattern, I would highly recommend going to a Medical practitioner, who will suggest the best possible solution to get a grip on this.

Do whatever it takes to ensure you work on the above mentioned points. You will thank yourself for it in no time . Do not forget to share your thoughts with me by mailing  me on or on my Face book Fan page.

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