Smart Food Rules to Live by

Do you go through a guilt trip & saddled with Emotions, when you slip up on your food intake? Well, you will be surprised to know that most of us follow ancient advice, when it comes to food intake & Discipline.

To set the record straight I am no expert, but years of working with stressed out individuals as their Life & Wellness Coach has given me an insight into their poor eating habits. As you all know, food plays a critical role when it comes to your “Emotional Well-being”.

I will try & touch upon the top 4 points which in my experience, will help you rewrite the rules. To begin with

Skimming on Breakfast, to save on calories:

This is common among people, who are stretched for time,want to lose weight and are saving on calories. Well the opposite is true for the simple reason that, post a long hiatus, during the night the body and the brain especially is  looking for an energy source.

If you push your luck, you will most probably end up overeating at lunch or dinner. In my experience, I am certain that a healthy protein rich breakfast will do you more good than harm.

Weekends are a free for all:

With the current hectic pace of life, I come across many people, who do not think twice,about going overboard in the F&B section. Even though you deserve a great weekend, the damage done through excess drinking & eating is nearly irreparable.

Work to a plan and look at having one cheat meal, preferably in the day time of the weekend. Hit the exercise mode and do not be rooted in front of the system. The more active you are the more energy you will dig into.

All Fats are not the same:

As long as you are aware of what are good & bad fats, it is easy to work your way through. The fats which you need to avoid are in the chips and greasy snacks, which increase your cholesterol & weight. However the good fats which you need to consume, primarily come from nuts, fish and eggs.

These are the ones you need to focus on, to protect your heart & support your overall health. Pair this with a healthy diet & you will be hitting the road to wellness in no time.

You swear by Artificial Sweeteners:

Some people have replaced their sugar intake by artificial sweeteners,which are a big NO. Somewhere down the line, your dependency on artificial sweeteners, will ensure that your taste buds do not get a break from the sweet taste you love. The more you consume food with artificial sweeteners, the longer you will be trapped in the sugar cycle.

Well the simplest way is to avoid all diet sodas and have your coffee & tea sugarless. Begin with a cup a day and in no time your taste buds will get used to it,just like mine has over the years.

Eating healthy is not Rocket science; you just need to know when & what  to eat in your busy schedule. I have been working over the years,with some of the most stressed out executives, entrepreneurs & Business Icons.

By working on the basics, they have managed to pull back years of unhealthy lifestyles.You could also do the same, by following some of the tips that I have mentioned above to begin with. If you are still in a crossroad, do connect with me for a “No obligation Introductory call” & you will get more clarity as to what you can do in half an hour.

You can then decide, if you do want to work with a Life & Wellness Coach going forward.

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