Super Easy Steps To Be Healthy At Work

The biggest challenge most of the working people face is, how to be healthy when one spends so much time at work which includes  commuting as well. Over the years, the biggest obstacle in every one’s mind when it comes to staying healthy is the lack of time. However according to me it is about not having a bigger purpose, lack of motivation and also the know-how about how “one can actually stay healthy without visiting gyms or any drastic changes in lifestyle”. Some of the things which I feel each one of you can do when it does come to staying healthy at work are –

Be Active :

What I have noticed over the years is that most people at work tend to sit for too much of their time either slouched in front of the computers or in meetings. The idea is to be more innovative and create small pockets of time during the work day where you can either stand or even walk and work(in case you are on long conference calls).Some of my clients over the years have become so active at work that they never feel lethargic anymore, since they move around a lot.

Take The Stairs :

This is one habit which I had worked on immediately to inculcate when I was in a regular job. I always ensured, I walked up and down the steps even if it was 3-4 floors at times. While stair-climbing doesn’t consume all that many calories, it does cause your heart to work harder, thereby improving your circulation and your overall health. However do ensure that you take one step at a time since one tends to burn more calories this way rather than climbing couple of steps at one go.

Snack On Fruit:

Most of the office pantries are filled with processed & unhealthy foods. Ensure you carry some kind of fruit and munch onto it when you feel the hunger pangs. Most fruits also contain loads of antioxidants which will help you in the long run. Look at options where you can carry fruits which does not need to be refrigerated and always ensure you eat fresh fruits and not the ones which is cut in the morning or even the previous night. Most of the nutrients is lost due to oxidation.

Include Green Tea Breaks:

Green tea without any refined sugar is a great drink at work, especially since it is almost zero calories and most importantly, loaded with anti-oxidants. Having couple of cups a day at work not only refreshes you, but also helps remove negative energy from the Nervous system. You can be experimental and include flavored Green tea which will keep the taste buds asking for more in no time.

Breathe More Deeply:

Most people have a habit of taking short gasps instead of long deep breathing. Over a period of time this becomes a habit which triggers your body to believe that you are under constant stress even when nothing particularly stressful is going on. Breathing deeply calms you down but more importantly, it helps ensure that plenty of oxygen is getting into your lungs and into your blood stream. This in turn helps your brain to work more efficiently.

Stretch Regularly:

The Human body is not designed to sit down for a long periods of time. Unfortunately I know of people who sit and do not even move out of their chair for hours together. Make it a practice, to move out of your chair for couple of minutes an hour and if possible stand and work. This simple strategy has worked wonders for me and some of my own clients over the years. Initially it was tough for me, but now it has become a habit which I enjoy and incorporate at work myself. Keep a reminder or download an App but do what it is necessary to be active at work.

Be More Optimistic:

I am a strong believer that optimism is a far healthier state to be in, rather than being angry or frustrated. Work on this one aspect and I will guarantee you, that a lot of areas around your work life will eventually fall in place. Having absolute control on one’s emotions is critical and it opens the door towards a “healthy you” especially at the workplace.

I hope you have figured out some positive takeaways to work on being healthy at work irrespective of your schedule or even job profile. The action points discussed above can be incorporated by just about anybody who has an intention to walk the healthy path.

There is also ONE CRUCIAL AREA you need to focus on in remaining healthy at work. It’s by working on your Energy Level. A blog isn’t sufficient to help you with the same.

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