What is Soulful Living?

I was asked this question in one of my seminars, during the Q&A session. Even though I could not do justice to this question then,  I had promised myself that I would try and get this message across in my blog. Soulful living is more of Living in the present? It is nothing but tuning into your inner compass and doing the things you really want to do.

Soulful living is not something only for the selected few. With a little Re conditioning of your mind and thoughts, each one of us can live soulfully. In the process you will ignite the spark from the inside and make it a raging fire of passion. One can begin by asking the right questions,which will eventually lead you to find your answers.

As coaches we always ask leading questions, which will make you look within yourself. You can also begin this journey by asking this –

Are you at peace with yourself?

When you are at peace with yourself, you will think rationally and have absolute control over your thoughts. Feel this from the inside and realise that inner peace is something to be experienced rather than read. I am a big believer that our “Emotional thoughts” are the biggest yardstick for the quality of life that we live.

Work on being at peace with yourself and you will never regret it for a day.There is no one way of getting there.For me reading & swimming  puts me at peace with myself.See what suits you and begin to work on it without any further delay.

Fine tune your inner Compass:

Over the years, I have seen that most of the people who are going through a difficult phase, will stop believing in themselves. Even though you are looking at life right now through filters of fear, doubt & trust, always remember that the past is never equal to the future.

Work on building your own instincts and it will never guide you in the wrong direction. One of the key components, of soulful living is working on your own instincts.

Let go of your past:

When you cling on to the past, you are reliving it and in 9/10 cases this will stop you from creating the future. There is incredible progress in the trajectory, when you begin to focus on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want. Since you are replaying the past memories in the sub conscious mind it is imperative that you work at that level to unchain yourself.

Clinging on to past incidents is one of the most common challenge, I do come across when I work with my own clients.Some of them were clinging on to painful memories which had originated decades back.

Envision your future & create it:

When you live soulfully, you live in the notion that “what you are envisioning” about the future you are certain to live it. There is incredible strength in powerful visualisation. What you feel it in the gut, you will move towards the future “Envisioned at the sub conscious level” with blinders.

I have seen & experienced some very powerful changes at this level, when someone begins to live soulfully. You will amaze yourself when you begin to work towards overcoming your biggest challenges through this approach.

Living Soulfully and doing what you really love doing is not a chance but an approach, which you can create in the mind & by working diligently you will eventually live it,probably to  write about it, just like me.I took this approach many a summer back and never have regretted it even once.

As always I hope that you will believe that Living Soulfully is a possibility, and begin to work towards it. I will look forward to hearing from you on what is stopping each one of you from living soulfully? Do you think that the action points I have discussed are practical in getting you there?

You can reach me through my mail Id coach@satishrao.in or on my FaceBook Fan page. Will look forward to hearing from each one of you.

Would appreciate as always,if you could like & share this, with your friends & family.Hopefully for someone it might just be the exact thing they are looking for.