Step up on your Health Quotient

Being healthy is not just about eating right & hitting the gym 4-5 times a week. There is more to this, than what most comprehend. Being healthy is more of a choice than a chance. This post addresses what each one of you can do to improve your health.

Even though I work with clients from varied backgrounds, their goals are not necessary the same. When I step back, I see a lot of common ground.  I will use this and make it as simple as possible, for each one of you to implement and live your goals. You can begin this  by –

Alkalize yourself:  Are you aware that most of us are Acidic (in Ph terms) and the best way to neutralise this is to begin one’s day by drinking warm water with a dash of fresh lime. Drinking a glass of warm water with a lemon, upon rising delivers loads of benefits.

It supports detoxification and even helps to stimulate bowel movement, which is a major issue with many people. Remember what you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day & balancing your Ph level will do you a world of good as the day goes by.

Probiotics is your best buddy: Probiotics are great for digestion and play a big role in strengthening your immunity. Recent research has proven that, fixing the good bacteria in your gut will play a big role in improving your mood. Since most of the serotonin (feel good hormones) is produced in the gut, it is prudent that you stock your gut with the maximum amount of probiotics.

Look up the Internet, for 2-3 sources of good probiotics for your system. I am a strong believer “that a healthy digestive system” is the window to our overall health. For lactose intolerance people, there are more than a few sources of good probiotics available if you are game.

Have more fibre:  There is very little what fibre can’t do. It helps in weight loss and most importantly aids your body in functioning smoothly for a long time. With so many benefits, it is foolhardy not to include good quality fibre in more than 75% of your meals.

In fact go a step ahead and ensure that every meal consists of whole fibre and you will thank yourself in no time. Yes some innovation are required, but with most of the fruits & vegetables being the biggest source of fibre it should not be an uphill task to include these in your meals

Increase your tea consumption: The drink that you should consume most, other than water should be green tea (sugarless).It is no doubt, the best drink available and the benefits are immense. When it comes to your Wellbeing, it is has been proven that green tea is plentiful in catechins and epicatechins which is the component responsible for many of its purported health effects.

The less processed tea leaves are the more health-promoting catechins they contain. Green tea has the most nutritional benefit followed by oolong and black teas. Even a couple of cups a day has made a huge difference to me, and my clients. With hardly any calories (if without sugar) you can safely have more than 3-4 cups in a day.

I am pleasantly surprised to see the Green tea option, in the cafeterias of the companies I visit for my Wellness Seminars regularly.

Include couple of HITT: If you are a regular reader &  have read up till now, I presume that you have a decent habit of regular exercise. If not, then you should be speaking to me this minute. Nevertheless HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) is something I have been practising for the past couple of months.

It is nothing,but doing the exercises with a short rest period and doing it quickly. You should incorporate it at least a couple of times in a week. The benefits are immense and you will break through your workout plateau in no time.I would recommend this any day for people hard pressed for time.You can walk in & out of the gym in less than 40 minute with a great workout.

Do not compromise on your sleep: I have touched upon this particular topic more often than not, but will again tell you that the most damage caused to the human body is, by skimming on sleep or following an erratic sleep pattern. Both these will play with your circadian clock (internal clock) and this will result in long term Emotional & physical Erosion.

Research has proven that insufficient sleep, disrupts our brains’ ability to flush toxins from the body and as a result can impair brain function. Now add this with other bad habits, and you are knocking on the door of self sabotage. Therefore make it simple, by logging in 7-8 hrs of sleep and maintain a regular time through the week for this.

I hope that you have a fair idea by now  about how to work towards, taking your health to the next level. This is what I do, when I work with my clients as their Wellness Coach. I incorporate the best practices and the most effective methods, to ensure that you reach your wellness goals.

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