Stop comparing yourself to others

The one thing, one can do to click on their own low confidence switch is to compare someone’s strength to their own weakness. I have noticed this so many times over the years and was myself not immune to this thought process. This is a sure fire way to lose our focus and clarity of thoughts.

I have noticed over the years that most of us tend to do this exactly at some point of time or the other and develop this as a habit. I am a strong believer that one needs to look at his/her own strengths and see the true value in themselves. The self belief muscle gets much stronger, when you believe in yourself and stay motivated. This will be the key to your own success in the long run. What can one do to ensure you do not compare yourself to others? This is what I intend to discuss below – 

Develop self awareness: Sometimes we compare our self, without being conscious about it. The first step in this journey is to become aware on your thoughts. Always be on the lookout for the time and the situation you tend to think this way. What I have realized in my own journey is that over a period of time working towards being self awareness  becomes a habit and the clarity of thoughts begin to improve which is the key to any self development process.There is a huge shift and that is called as Ahaaa Ahaaa moment in Coaching terminology.I am on cloud nine when this happens in my coaching conversation with clients.

Focus on your strength: What you focus on, you do tend to do better. This is something I have learnt the hard way. Flip the coin and instead of focusing on your weakness, begin by looking at what your strengths are. You can then focus and develop on it. Be proud but do not brag about it in front of others. The moment you focus on your strength then your self belief will develop exponentially and  will   be fueled with rocket fuel. Work on using this to your best advantage.

No One is perfect: We all know that no one is perfect and there is always some flaw in each one of us. Therefore do not focus on being perfect every time, but accept that life is not being perfect. It is ok to be not perfect in the things we do at any point of time. I have accepted this long time ago and it has bought about a dramatic shift in my own emotional well being over the years.

Focus on the journey: Life is always  a journey. I focus on the journey and never compare myself with anyone else. If I had compared myself with other Life coaches around the Globe then I would never have enjoyed the exhilarating journey I have undertaken over the years. What I have realized is that it is got nothing to do with what others are doing and what they have, but it has everything to do with what each one of us needs to do and most importantly where each one of us needs to go. If you have clarity of thoughts on these two things then your own journey will be that much more interesting.

Be content with what you have: One sure thing towards unhappiness is to want what others have, which if  you  aspire for,will never have enough of. Begin by focusing on what you have is enough, be it materialistic things, knowledge or just about anything. What we are is an amazing gift bestowed on us. I feel helpless that many do not realize this and aspire to things what others have by comparing themselves to others. Finally if you can find self contentment in this journey then things which you do deserve will eventually find their way towards you. I am not philosophical but that’s how the law of nature works and it cannot be changed by you or me.It is the same for everybody and nature does not practice favoritism, thankfully.

I hope that by not comparing yourself after reading this Blog article you are doing yourself a big favour and channelizing all the positive energy on your wonderful journey ahead. I would love to hear from you. Do take the opportunity to share your experiences or even if you do not agree on my thoughts on my face book fan page or at