Success does leave clues

Are you looking at being extremely successful in your chosen field & wish you had a user manual to refer to in times of need? Most want to, but they also do not know how to.

Working as a Life Coach I get an opportunity to connect with many people & you guessed it right  – The number one challenge I get from people is “ How To be successful in —-. You can fill in the blanks with just about anything.

I get calls from people who would Want & Love  to be more successful in their job, studies, marriage, health etc….

When I look back over the years of working with incredibly successful people in their respective fields, there is a clear pattern which is the common denominator. I am sure it is not worth reinventing the wheel.

Therefore I am sharing the Top 4 on which each one of you can work on to be more successful.

Discipline & Focus

These two are the most important traits if one is looking at being successful. Some of the most successful clients I have coached over the years never leave much to chance. One of the reasons they hire me to be their coach in their success journey is to be Accountable in these specific areas.

Since they are looking at new methods to achieve more, they are very much aware of the logic that “Two heads are better than one”. By working on this one factor, they are certain to be above the tide in most circumstances.

Being Accountable more often than not, makes one to be Disciplined & Focused. This is the Crux of Coaching.

Consistently Fill in the Gap

The toughest climb is always close to the summit. The same logic works in the Success journey. The majority of people I have worked with have been open and active learners. Even though some of them are way more experienced and educated than me, they wear the badge of learning & Relearning.

They are always on the lookout to “fill in the gaps” when the going gets tough. This will more often than not open doors to them, which at other times are not to be seen.

They manage their Emotions better

One’s Emotions are always the key. I always use these words “Your Emotions can make or break you”. Working on having absolute control on our Emotions is not a fallacy but a step by step approach. This is where I spend considerable amount of time while coaching.

One important aspect with Successful people is that they work on their Emotions to get what they want from life. I emphasize this more in my Coaching & Group Coaching Sessions, on making Emotions work, in the most positive & effective way possible.

They Focus on Physical Fitness

Working towards being physically fit plays a crucial role in being successful in any area of your life. Some of the most successful people I have known keep their physical fitness in top notch condition. This does not mean that you need to bring it to the level of fashion models & athletes.

Most of my clients have in fact become more successful by just focusing on their Wellness (Both Physical & Emotional).Set your goals as to how you would want your own fitness level to be when you are moving in the direction of your dreams. You can work towards it using a step up  approach.

 I believe that working towards being successful is more of a choice than chance. If you are looking at this as a choice, reach out to me for a

“Strategy Session”

where we can discuss as to how we can team up together to execute the road-map in a focused & consistent manner.

I am sure you would have found some positive takeaways from the article above. Would love to hear about your Success story or challenges.

Besides working with clients 1 on 1, I also engage with corporate teams through my Group Coaching Sessions.

Through these sessions, your team will learn to make powerful changes in their lives.

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