Surefire Ways To Overcome Your Fast Food Addiction And Start Eating Healthy Today!

One glaring thing I’ve noticed in most people’s food habits is their addiction to fast food – which I believe is the MAIN cause of various health problems.

Fast food is harmless when eaten once in a while. However, as soon as it turns into an addiction, it tends to cripple our health, increases obesity levels and decreases our ability to stay focussed and be productive.

All of these things eventually lead to increased stress and dissatisfaction with one’s life.  The only solution to get out of this mess is to abandon fast food and start eating healthy, but alas, for most people it is easier said than done.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. When you make the switch, the positive benefits you experience are tremendous.

With that said, here are a few sure-fire ways to overcome your fast food addiction and start eating healthy…

Avoid Processed Food At All Costs:

Almost all kinds of processed food are laced with preservatives and chemicals to increase their shelf life. These chemicals may be harmless in the short-term but over a period of time, they tend to increase obesity levels, lower productivity and provide you with less and less energy.

One of the things I strongly advise my clients is to start buying fresh ingredients such as whole fruits, grains, nuts and beans.

So when you’re short on time and you really need something in your stomach, you’ll stick to eating fruits and vegetables as opposed to processed food.

Remember, Food is the fuel that drives the complex engine within each and every one of us. Always make sure that you are eating the right foods that promote the growth of this engine.

Make Time For Eating:

Another thing I’ve noticed during Company visits for my wellness sessions is that most people rush to eat at the cafeteria and are prepared to order whatever is readily available. And the readily available food in most cases is processed junk like donuts, white bread sandwich, burger, etc.

That’s when I ask them – Would they stop on the roadside and fill their vehicles with adulterated fuel just because it’s convenient, faster and easier?

The answer I get from them is an absolute, “No”.

The same logic is applicable with your body as well. All kinds of fast food are akin to adulterated fuel. They will hamper your ability to perform.

Rework your calendar and commitments so you have the time to eat the right kind of quality food day in and day out.

Choose Healthy When You Eat At Restaurants:

When you dine at restaurants, I strongly encourage you consider quality, more than quantity when it comes to choosing food.

Most kinds of foods prepared at restaurants that are of greater quantity aren’t really healthy. They are laced with all kinds of sodas, sugars, taste enhancers,to accommodate the appetite of a larger group of people.

Check the menu and consciously make a healthier choice. It’s okay to eat junk food at restaurants once in a while but not as a regular thing. As soon as it becomes regular, it will turn into an addiction that you can’t control and your health will be crippled.

I always say this to my clients, “Focus on what you eat and when you eat it”. This is because I strongly believe that our food habits literally make us who we are. If you do not keep a sharp eye on them, the results will be disastrous in a little while.

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