How to get back on the Exercise Train

Most of the people have   difficulty in getting back to an exercise regime especially after being derailed for a few days or weeks due to a variety of reasons. I felt the need to address this since I am certain

How to meditate daily

The Power of meditation needs to be experienced to be believed. It is one of the simplest, yet also the most powerful to reign in focus in oneself. Anyone can cultivate the habit of meditation. It is the least time

How to turn bad habits into good habits

I was thinking about how easy it could be if one could just replace our bad habits with positive habits. Life would be that much less complicated if we could just about replace our habits of smoking, binge drinking, thinking

Road Map for a Flat stomach

The most frequently asked question, when it comes to overall fitness is how to reduce the mid-section. Be it a lady or a man it is probably one of the top reasons why so many plan to hit the gym

Exercise regularly to become fit

I had covered healthy eating in my previous article and will be covering exercise hints which we can incorporate in our daily life.

Eating healthy is important for any individual who wants to be healthy but it is only half

Eat Healthy to become Fit


I was pondering over how one can work towards being fit irrespective of whether they can make time for exercise during the day.

Eating healthy is the key cornerstone of one’s fitness. I would like to share the lessons learnt