The art of leading teams at a subconscious Level.

When I interact with the top of the line leaders of today, One thing which strikes me is, even the most experienced and revered Leaders have difficulty in leading teams. Surprisingly at times they turn inwards to beget the solution which is not possible at a conscious level.

Even Though, leaders tapping into their sub conscious level to find the answer to pressing issues is uncommon, I have come across instances where Leaders make use of the power of the Sub conscious mind to Lead teams consistently and diligently. They might not regularly practice the same but when they realise during coaching that the Sub conscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind and that they would be a different Leader in connecting with their teams, they do not sound surprised.

What additional skill sets, Leaders of tomorrow need to develop over and above what they presently have to handle complex teams? These are some of the perennial questions which arise during leadership Coaching. Even though the frame work of coaching is for the client to always come out with his own Solution, at times I begin to wonder when I rerun the conversation in my mind as to “would there be a better way to handle this particular situation”.

Some of the Leaders of tomorrow are already working on tapping the power of the Sub-conscious mind to manifest future events and I strongly believe that developing a keen interest in metaphysics and working on a certain skill set will do a world of good to the leaders of tomorrow. What is it that some of the best of the Leaders of tomorrow are empowering themselves with that is helping them navigate this complex situation is something we will try and decipher below.

The foremost amongst all this is working on the Sub-conscious mind which is what some of the Leaders irrespective of the genre or industry are working on, which is yielding rich dividends. when I try and get to know as to how these future Leaders are tapping on to their Subconscious level the answer comes back to meditation and it is with this alone some of them have found the doorway to the subconscious mind. Again it is a fundamental belief in that Coaching Industry that all the solutions for a human being are within himself/herself and one just needs the cues to access it. Regular practice of meditation has not only opened the doors of the subconscious mind, it has also made the Leaders become more compassionate and forthcoming with their teams. This according to me has played a huge role in reaching out to teams and connecting with them at a different level altogether.

Secondly manifesting and future pacing(imagine doing something in the future) practiced by a few leaders have made things possible which was at one time difficult to fathom. Over a period of time most of the Leaders have worked on this, usually by the trial and error method. They start seeing things in their minds eye – situations and incidents which are paving the way for the growth of the organisation and the industry on the whole. When these practices come to the forefront, it is heartening to know that the some of the Leaders are working on the metaphysical development which is at an early stage of evolution in the Indian context according to me. I am sure that more and more future leaders mentored by this philosophy will eventually make it one of the best practices in the industry to come.

With India being the cradle of civilisation and metaphysics for many generations, it is prudent that Leadership takes note that the Leaders of yesteryear were also handling people and people management is the key which is getting complicated day by day.
I would like to conclude that blending cutting edge HR practices with metaphysics will make future Leaders potent and help them have a powerful weapon in their corporate armoury which I am sure is what the doctor has ordered.

One question which I am asked more often than not is that can this concept be used closer to us at our own home or in our personal relationships. Absolutely! A Leader can also be a Husband/wife/son or even a person in relationship. I believe it is possible since we are interacting with humans, but only in a different environment and context. When I discuss the same with some of my clients about working on their relationship issues by tapping into their sub-conscious mind they initially have apprehensions. They are not aware as to what one can do by working with their sub-conscious mind. Gradually over a period of time they are as surprised as me when I initially tried to shift from the conscious level to the sub-conscious level. Since most of the issues we are facing comes from the sub-conscious level I will guarantee you that by working on that one area, you will ensure that you will find more answer to issues which you are unable to analyse at a conscious level.

Even though this article does focus on the work environment I always did believe that the logic can be used by any individual in any context. I do hope that you will connect with me and my thoughts expressed in this article. I will be glad to receive your feedback or any suggestions you have with respect to this article or if you are looking at any particular topic which might be useful to others  do reach out to me on my mail id or on my Face book Fan page