The Art of Sound Sleep

I have been coming across more and more people who have a major issue in this one area, compared to all other areas put together.

Once there is a disturbance in the sleep pattern, there is a cascading effect on all the other areas which causes more damage in the long run.

I have always believed that one need not make much of an effort to sleep but as the saying goes “It is easier said than done”. I have worked with people over the years who have averaged just a couple of hours of sleep at a given time.

By diligently working at the conscious and most importantly the sub-conscious levels they have managed to rework their sleep patterns and have major improvement in this one department. For most it is not a struggle to switch off once they wind up but for some people around, it is a daily struggle to catch up on a few winks. I am aghast when people upgrade their electronic gizmos, change their wardrobe and other materialistic things but hardly work on taking positive steps towards getting a good restful sleep of 7-8 hours. Some of the things one can do from this moment onwards without altering too much is what I will be discussing in the remaining few paragraphs

Everyone is different: No two people are the same and it holds well with respect to the sleep pattern of two individuals too. Everyone has different sleep environments. This ranges from the light and noise levels, to the type of mattress and the room temperature. Any changes in these will alter the patterns. I need the room to be absolutely dark and any light from the outside will awaken the conscious mind within no time.  First work on the factors that affect you and you can use that knowledge to help optimize your sleep quality.

Set it up: I have noticed that people actually think of going to sleep only when they switch off the light and lie down on the bed. Somehow it does not seems to work like this anymore and only a lucky few can afford to do this. The rest need to work on simple things at least 2-3 hours before the snooze time to condition the mind. This could be something like reading a positive book for an hour before bedtime. The reading preferably needs to be from a book and not from a smart phone or Tab. The reason is a No brainer- with any electronic device gives out more light which acts as a deterrent to the mind and the eyes just before switching off.

Work on a moderate exercise: I have noticed that when some of my own clients work on some kind of moderate exercise say about 40 minutes of cardio or weight training sessions, it pumps the brain with the feel good hormone which is the key in developing a good sleep pattern.  By working out, you are ensuring that your metabolism is taken care of and not very high as bed time comes that much closer. There is no one particular exercise which I can recommend but anything to make the necessary shifts will work for sure.I did an intense weight session & a quick post run yesterday and by 2230 hrs I was fast asleep yesterday.

Dinner like a pauper:

Yes this old world saying still makes sense and is the need of the hour. By having the bare minimum at the dinner table you are ensuring that the mind will focus on going to the sleep mode rather than trying to burn the calories.

Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables which have a magical effect on the calmness of the mind. A glass of warm milk with a pinch of Saffron will work wonders in regulating the sleep cycle.

There is a science behind this and you can figure this out with a click of a mouse.I have  personally stopped dinner altogether now and my last meal is usually some fruits post workout and a glass of milk once i reach home.

Regulate your breathing & Meditate:

Practicing deep breathing exercise just about ten minutes before you sleep will help in setting you up for meditation which is the key.

By meditating, you are helping the mind to focus and you can eventually program the mind to ensure it gets a well deserved rest.

I am aware that most of the people with whom I interact compromise on their sleep and think they can get away. However they cannot be more wrong in this aspect. A good sleep is the key which helps to bridge most of the areas of our life and it is worth all the effort to invest on the things I have discussed above.

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