The power of small changes for a healthy you

While I can’t say yet that I eat only home grown organic fruits & vegetables but compared to where my diet was and where is it now, there is a contrast of chalk and cheese. How did I manage to move from extreme gluttony to the present state where at the least I can say that I wear a badge of disciplined eating. Your health actually revolves around what/when you eat and while some might not agree with me, it also influences your thought process. I am a big fan of frugal eating and advocate this to my Coaching clients to watch what you eat and when you eat. The rest will fall into place.

My point is that I don’t deprive myself but have learned to love foods that are a lot more healthier and in most cases easy on the wallet. I don’t miss junk food at all. I’m not saying that you need to become a vegetarian. I’m saying that small steps taken one at a time makes the process easier. I’ve done it with meat, fried foods, sweets and with eating more fruits and whole grains. It’s worked for me and my clients wonderfully well every time. There is no rocket science involved but a simple rule of “You get used to it if you do it one step at a time”.

Eat fruits for snacks: If you snack on junk food during the day then have some fruits by your side at all times. When you’re feeling hungry for a snack, eat a fruit. One of those apples is great for your cravings as well as to the heart .I keep a doggy pack of dry fruit rations in my cupboard and in my car. I dig into it when hunger pangs start to haunt me.

Drink water instead of soda: The only thing I drink outside(besides an occasional diluted pulpy orange ) is water. I’m not saying that you need to do that but try to cut out sugary carbonated drinks replacing them with water. Each soft drink has empty calories and loads of sugar which requires enormous time in the gym to burn it off.

Eat whole grain bread: If you eat white bread or similar clones , replace them with whole-grain versions. Be sure to look at the ingredients — it shouldn’t say enriched wheat flour but whole grain. Also try to avoid breads with high-fructose corn syrup. Actually anything with high –fructose corn syrup should be avoided like a plague.

Add fresh veggies to dinner: If you can manage this couple of times during the day then it is great however with most of us have issues with timings. I would strongly suggest to make it a mandatory dish on the dinner table.

Cut out red meat: I am not a animal rights activist but latest research has pointed to an increase in the cases of cancer and heart disease to read meat. You can still eat poultry and seafood but try to cut down on the same.

Nuts instead of chips: If you normally snack on chips and other packaged short eats then it is time to move on towards unsalted peanuts or even almonds. The good thing in these is that both are high in protein and a rich source of good cholesterol. Even though they are high in fats, they contain good fat which can be burnt off easily rather than the trans fat which causes more damage to our system.

Reduce sugar: We consume too much sugar indirectly and increasing this by consuming sugary drinks ,coffee and tea is a sure way of going on a one way road to ill health. The best thing to do is not to add any sugar to your food/beverages which will substantially reduce your sugar intake and make a big difference.

Avoid eating out: I know this might be difficult for everyone. If you are eating out regularly be it at your office cafeteria or at a close by hotel then it is time to carry your meals. This will always be more healthy and lighter on your pockets. This is one area I focused on when I started working on what I ate and now it has become a part of system to avoid eating out.

Initially this will look like a gigantic mountain ahead of us but with small, daily positive changes you can bring in a drastic change to your overall health. I tell most of my clients that even if you do not have the time to do some kind of exercise it is a must to watch what one eats. I can’t forget the wordings of Ann wigmore – “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”.

I am sure this is something most of you can implement even if you dont have the time to regularly exercise. The tips I have mentioned are something that I have implemented when I was in a regular job like most of you. I do not see any reason as to why it cannot be possible for each one of you as well be it if you are a busy executive,student or a housewife. Well do not forget to drop in a line at my mail id or better post a comment on my Face Book Fan Page .